University of Toledo 1998 - 2000 Catalog


Honors work in the College of Arts and Sciences is available to academically talented students through the individual departments (I below) and through the College Honors Program (II below).

I. Departmental Honors

Requirements for Departmental Honors designations are set by the various Arts and Sciences Departments and are described under the departmental entries in this catalog. All departments, however, require successful completion of an Honors thesis or project supervised by a faculty member in that department.

Itis possible for a student to fulfill all departmental requirements and earn the Departmental Honors citation upon graduation without participating in the College Honors Program. The reverse is not possible, however, as the requirements for Departmental Honors are an integral part of the College Honors Program.

II. Arts and Sciences Honors Program

David G. Hoch, Director

Student Selection and Admission Criteria

Admission to the Honors Program of the College of Arts and Sciences is competitive and limited to academically talented students. Students entering directly from high school are admitted based on a review of application materials, which include a high school transcript, references, an essay, an extracurricular resume and ACT or SAT scores. Students with an ACT composite score of 28 or higher (SAT composite of 1240) and a high school GPA of 3.75 or higher are encouraged to apply. Highly motivated students with an ACT composite of at least 25 (SAT composite of 1140) and a high school GPA of at least 3.5 also are considered for admission to the program.

Currently enrolled University of Toledo students and transfer students may apply for admission to the College Honors Program if they have (a) completed at least 15, but not more than 60, graded semester hours of college work and (b) earned a minimum GPA of 3.3 (4.0 scale).

Students are admitted to the College Honors Program on a space-available basis.

Program Requirements

Inorder to graduate with College of Arts and Sciences Honors, a student must:

1.Complete all requirements for an approved degree program within the college.

2.Complete a minimum of 42 semester hours of honors courses, which must include:

a.Six semester hours of Honors Readings Conference (Readings Conference I and Readings Conference II).

b.A minimum of three semester hours selected from either HON 2020 (Multicultural Literatures: The North American Experience) or HON 2030 (Multicultural Literatures: The Non-European World).

c.A minimum of six semester hours earned by successful completion of two upper-division interdisciplinary seminars offered through the Honors Program (HON 4950 and 4960).

d.All of the requirements for Departmental Honors in the student's major. This includes the completion of an Honors thesis or project supervised by a faculty member in the major department.

Note: For a student pursuing more than one major or an interdepartmental major, the Departmental Honors requirement may be fulfilled through meeting requirements for one of the student's majors or in an interdisciplinary manner through a program of selected upper-division course work. An interdepartmental major also includes a thesis or project designed by faculty from the student's major areas and approved by the College Honors Program Director.

3.Earn a minimum overall GPA of 3.3.

Retention Standards

Toremain in good standing in the College Honors Program, a student must:

1.Earn a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 by the end of the first year (typically at least 30 semester hours); 3.1 by the end of the second year (typically at least 60 semester hours); and 3.2 by the end of the third year (typically at least 90 semester hours).

2.Make satisfactory progress toward fulfillment of the requirements for a degree with Honors in the college.

Honors Courses (HON)

Honors courses are of two kinds: those offered within the Honors Program and those offered by various departments and colleges. Consult the appropriate portion of this catalog for a listing.

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