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Allied Professions Programs

· Community Health

· Exercise Science

(Athletic Training, Biomechanics, Clinical Exercise Specialist, Exercise Physiology, Kinesiotherapy, Pre-Physical Therapy)

· Public Affairs and Community Service

· Recreation and Leisure Studies

(Community Recreation, Community Special Recreation, Law Enforcement, Recreation Resource Management, Therapeutic Recreation)

· Respiratory Care

Procedures for Admission

Exercise Science, Athletic Training, Pre-Physical Therapy, Therapeutic Recreation and Respiratory Care have special procedures for admission to upper level course work in those disciplines.

Exercise Science: In order to pursue 3000-4000 level course work, students in Exercise Science must have 2.5 GPA overall and 2.5 GPA in the Department of Health Promotion and Human Performance courses that are prerequisites for the Exercise Science degree. Students must apply for admission to the program after the completion of 60 semester credit hours.

Athletic Training: Students apply for admission to the program by May 1 of the first year. After that students are evaluated each May for acceptance or retention in the program. Admission to the program requires 2.5 GPA overall and in the core classes for athletic training. Students are evaluated by the staff athletic trainers, and by the percent of modules completed versus those expected.

Pre-Physical Therapy*: Students wishing to pursue an entry-level Master of Science degree in physical therapy at the Medical College of Ohio begin their studies in the Exercise Science program with the pre-physical therapy concentration. Upon completion of the designated prerequisite course work, a competitive admission process is conducted to identify candidates for entry into the professional component of the physical therapy curriculum at the Medical College of Ohio. A Master of Science degree in Physical Therapy will be awarded by the Medical College of Ohio at the end of the third year of professional preparation. After successful completion of the Pre-Physical Therapy program (first three years of program) and the first year of professional study at the Medical College of Ohio, The University of Toledo will award the Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science degree.

* this program is pending final approval at UT and MCO

The admission selection requirements include:

1.Admission to the University of Toledo and completion of (or transfer credit for) general education requirements for an undergraduate degree in Exercise Science

2.Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.80 for all post-secondary course work. No S/U, P (pass) or NC (no credit) for required courses, except those graded only on those bases.

3.Completion of the following courses or their equivalents with a "core" GPA of 2.50 and no grade less than C: BIOL 2170 & 2080, CHEM 1230 & 1280, CHEM 1240 & 1290, PHYS 2070, PHYS 2080, PSY 1010 or PSY 1091, SOC 1010, PSY 2700 or SOC 3800, RESM 4100 or PSY 2100 or MATH 2600, PED 2510, PED 2530

4.Documentation of experience in physical therapy a total of 200 volunteer and/or employment hours under the direction of at least two licensed physical therapists.

5.Filing of a Physical Therapy Professional Curriculum Application no later than January 2 of the year the student wishes to enroll in the professional curriculum at MCO.

6.Interview as stipulated by the Committee on Admissions for the professional curriculum.

The availability of clinical facilities and faculty currently limits acceptance to 16-22 University of Toledo students into the professional curriculum per year. Acceptance to the professional component of the program is highly competitive; therefore, completion of the admission requirements will not guarantee acceptance into the professional component of the physical therapy program.

Therapeutic Recreation: Students apply for admission to the Therapeutic Recreation specialty after the first two years of study. The following items enter into the admissions decision:

· Group Skills Evaluation
· Specific Course GPA
· Writing Skills Evaluation

Respiratory Care: Students wishing to study for a bachelor's degree in Respiratory Care must be a registered respiratory therapist with an associate's degree, or a certified respiratory technician with an associate's degree.

Graduation Requirements

Each student in Exercise Science, regardless of the concentration area, must have a 2.5 GPA overall and 2.5 in the core subjects in order to graduate with the B.S. in Exercise Science. In the Kinesiotherapy concentration, students must have a 2.5 GPA in the following 10 courses, with no grade less than 2.0: Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, General Psychology, First Aid, Exercise Physiology, Kinesiology, Motor Learning, Adapted Physical Education, Tests and Measurements, and Organization and Administration of Kinesiotherapy.

Certification Examinations

Licensure Examinations, subsequent to graduation, are required for certification in the areas of Athletic Training, Kinesiotherapy, Physical Therapy, Respiratory Therapy and Therapeutic Recreation. At the conclusion of the program, athletic training students take the National Athletic Trainers Association Board of Certification Inc. (NATABOC) examination and the Ohio licensure examination. Kinesiotherapy students are eligible to take the Registration Examination of the Council on Professional Standards for Kinesiotherapy. Respiratory therapy students take the advanced practitioner examinations given by the National Board for Respiratory Care. In therapeutic recreation, students take the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification examination after graduation.

Last Updated: 6/9/16