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Teacher Education Programs

All teacher education licensure programs (previously listed on page 102 of this catalog) are being reviewed by the Ohio Department of Education. Each is subject to modification. Students admitted to teacher certification in the College of Education and Allied Professions prior to Fall Semester 1998 are subject to the requirements of the university catalog in force at the time of admission. Completion of those programs must be accomplished by 2002.

Professional Education

Teacher Education Degree and Licensure Requirements

Candidates for the Bachelor of Education Degree in the Professional Education Programs must complete a minimum of 128 semester hours of course work with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale. Students also must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or better in all professional education courses and in all teaching fields. The accumulated average includes all grades for credits earned plus grades of I and F and those acquired in repeated courses at The University of Toledo and at other institutions that the student attended.

Students who successfully complete all college degree requirements, student teaching/internship and licensure exams will be recommended for a two year provisional teaching license in Ohio. For additonal information on licensure requirements students should see the College Student Services Center.

The above policy reflects not only College action but the recommendations of the National Council for the Accreditation Teacher Education (NCATE). In addition, the state of Ohio requires students to submit fingerprinting cards to the Bureau of Criminal Investigations before a certificate will be issued.

Criteria and Procedures for Admission to Professional Education

Tobe eligible for admission to a teacher licensure program, a student must demonstrate:

1.Current enrollment in the College of Education and Allied Professions;

2.Completion of 48-64 semester hours of approved course work, including required introductory professional program course/semester(s) with a grade of at least C, including 12 hours in residence;

3.Overall GPA of at least 2.5 although the minimum may be higher in some programs;

4.Mastery of basic composition, writing, mathematics and technology skills as evidenced by courses and/or laboratory completion, GPA, Preprofessional Skills Test (NTE) or similar results;

5.Prior experience with appropriate populations in schools and agencies as evidenced by satisfactory completion of introductory courses/seminars and/or portfolios;

6.Effective communication and interpersonal skills as evidenced by early experiences, introductory course/seminars, ratings from professionals in the field and/or interview;

7.Verification of "good moral character" as stipulated by the State of Ohio. Before registering for a field experience course, a student must make a set of fingerprint impressions on the standard impression sheet prescribed by the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCI). Students who have not lived in Ohio continuously for the past five years also must make a set of fingerprint impressions on the form specified by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and must submit them to BCI. Students will not be allowed to continue in a
teacher education major nor participate in a field experience if they have pleaded guilty to, have been found guilty of, or have been convicted of the following: any felony; any violation of section 2907.07 of the Revised Code; any offense as defined in section 2901.01 of the Revised Code; any offense as defined in section 2913.01 of the Revised Code; or any drug abuse offense as defined in section 2905.01 of the Revised Code that is not a minor misdemeanor; or any substantively comparable ordinance of a municipal corporation or of another state. Students in teacher education licensure programs who are negatively affected by the State of Ohio laws as stated in the Revised Code may contact the Student Services Center of the College of Education and Allied Professions for information about grievance procedures.

8.Completion of additional program licensure criteria if any.

For students who have met the above criteria, a Program Review Committee will be assembled to review available evidence. The committee will determine those eligible for full admission. Students will apply for and be notified of admission at 48-64 semester hours of completed program coursework. Students not fully admitted at first will be given opportunity to correct identified deficiencies and then reapply.


Students must maintain the required grade point average (as outlined in the admission criteria) and complete satisfactorily the professional education courses and field experiences with a grade of C or above in order to maintain full admission status.

Students with Transfer Credit

Transfer students are required to complete all course work at The University of Toledo with a minimum of a 2.5 grade point average overall, in professional education and in all teaching fields. In addition, they must meet all requirements for admission to the professional education programs as outlined above. The GPA standards are for University of Toledo course work as well as the collegiate GPA (grade point average of all college course work attempted).

Transfer students who have completed 48-64 semester hours of course work must apply for admission to professional education after completing a minimum of 12 semester hours at The University of Toledo. Students are responsible for initiating this application.


All students completing a teacher education licensure program are required to complete a series of exams. These exams are required by the Ohio State Department of Education and the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education. The required exams are listed below.

1.Basic Technology Skills. Students will be expected to demonstrate mastery of basic technology skills as stipulated, including but not limited to word processing, spreadsheets, e-mail, Internet, graphics and the like. Proficiency exams may be taken in the first 16-32 hours, and course/laboratory options will be available to students as needed.

2. Pre-Professional Skills Test (Praxis I). Students are required to take the Praxis I prior to full admission to licensure programs. It is recommended that this test be taken between completion of 16 and 32 semester hours of course work, either at designated on-campus site(s) or at local testing center(s). Minimum scores may vary by licensure program. Students may be permitted to retake one or more sections of these batteries with approval of the departmental Program Review Committees.

3. Praxis II. The state of Ohio has developed a series of licensure examinations that all teacher education students must satisfactorily complete in order to be recommended for licensure. Examinations are required in professional education and the licensure area(s). Students are required to register for these exams and to pay all
fees. Information on test scores, examination schedules, etc., may be found in the College's Student Services Center.

4. Other assessment instruments will be used throughout the program to assess the student and also to provide information on the quality of the program.

Field/Clinical Experiences

The 1998 Teacher Education and Licensure Standards increase the rigor in the teaching profession by not only strengthening the teacher education programs but also requiring successful performance of the beginning teacher. The new standards place a heavy emphasis on performance in the classroom to ensure that "only those teachers who can perform the work will do the work." Students can expect to spend extensive amounts of time in schools and community agencies as they progress through required professional course and internship experiences. Introductory courses and exploratory seminars offered to students in the first 64 hours will include field experiences. Students will be required to assemble portfolio evidence of experience as they progress through their program.

Student Teaching/Internship Requirements

Toqualify for an assignment in student teaching/internship, a student must satisfy the following requirements:

1.Full admission to Professional Education.

2.Completion of a minimum of 100 semester hours.

3.Completion of 90 percent of the course work in the major area(s) of study.

4.Completion of all required prerequisite professional education courses including methods course(s) and satisfactory completion of all field experiences.

5.2.5 GPA in major(s), professional education and overall as determined by the overall higher education GPA.

Admission to Student Teaching/Internships

Admission to student teaching/internships will be made by program faculty who, in cooperation with the College Field Experience Office, will identify and make appropriate school and/or agency placements.

Students submit applications for student teaching/internships in the Office of Student Field Experiences according to the following schedule:

If you plan to student teach: You must apply during the proceeding:

Fall Semester February

Spring Semester May

A committee will review each student's credentials and make a preliminary recommendation during the semester when application is made. Final approval will not be granted until all course work and grades are reviewed during the semester immediately preceding the internship.

The committee issues the following recommendations:

1.Application approved subject to student completing specific courses and field experience in a satisfactory manner.

2.Application denied with specific reasons enumerated.

A student must meet all minimum criteria and be approved by the departmental committee in order to begin an internship.

Student Teaching/Internship Field Assignment

The director of student field experiences makes the assignment in keeping with the best learning situation for the individual student. Note: Student teaching/internships are not offered in the summer, since it is impossible for students to complete the equivalent requirement.


Licensure to teach in the fields selected is made only upon the recommendation of the dean of the College of Education and Allied Professions. The dean will recommend licensure to the Ohio State Department of Education only in the teaching fields in which the student meets all requirements as defined in this Catalog. A meeting will be scheduled during each semester to discuss licensure and review application procedures. Meeting times may be obtained through the Student Field Experience Office.

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