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Programs in Educational Psychology, Research and Social Foundations

Master's Degrees in Educational Psychology, Research and Social Foundations do not lead to specific certification or licensure as they do in some other departments. However, the Department has specific programmatic options that enable students to develop expertise in a variety of job-related areas. For example, certified teachers wishing to enhance their effectiveness in the classroom may select from learning/cognitive processes, child and adolescent development or multicultural/urban education options. Public agency personnel may pursue advanced work in public affairs and community service. Those interested in careers in institutional research may pursue advanced work in measurement and evaluation. Graduate students pursuing any of these options will work with a faculty adviser to select the combination of courses and culminating project or thesis that will best fit their background, interests and goals. Prospective students are encouraged to contact the department for further details. A. College Core Requirements 12 hours B. Specialization 21 hours Students select a focus area in: Educational Psychology (Learning/Cognition or Child and Adolescent Development); Measurement and Evaluation; or Social Foundations (Historical, Philosophical, Multicultural, Urban Education) C. Project or Thesis 3 hours

Last Updated: 6/9/16