Provost's Office

The College of Law  - Administration

Albert T. Quick, Dean

Suite 2000
Phone: (419) 530-2379

Administration Douglas K. Chapman, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Phone: (419) 530-2937

Brian K. Bushong, Assistant Dean for Financial and Administrative Affairs
Phone: (419) 530-4786

Eva M. Dauer, College of Law Registrar
Phone: (419) 530-2935

Gabrielle Davis, Staff Attorney
Phone: (419) 530-4270

Carol E. Frendt, Assistant Dean for Law Admissions
Phone: (419) 530-4131

Jane S. W. Hartman, Assistant Dean for Development and Alumni Affairs
Phone: (419) 530-4712

Bruce M. Kennedy, Director of Law Library
phone: (419) 530-2736

Ricardo A. King, Assistant Dean for Law Career Services
Phone: (419) 530-2851

Robert L. Wilson, Director of Law College Computing
Phone: (419) 530-2763

Last Updated: 6/9/16