Provost's Office

The College of Pharmacy Administration

Norman F. Billups, Dean

Wolfe Hall Room 2246
Phone: (419) 530-1997

William P. Mies, Associate Dean for Student Affairs
Wolfe Hall Room 1227
Phone: (419) 530-1904

Curtis D. Black, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs
Wolfe Hall Room 1246
Phone: (419) 530-1951

Charles I. Hicks, Assistant Dean for Clinical Affairs
Wolfe Hall Room 1246
Phone: (419) 530-1951

Paul W. Erhardt, Assistant Dean for Administrative & Professional Affairs
Wolfe Hall Room 2246
Phone: (419) 530-1933

Robert J. Schlembach, Director, Pharmacy Alumni Affairs
Wolfe Hall Room 1259 C
Phone: (419) 530-1935


Department of Medicinal and Biological Chemistry
Richard A. Hudson, Chairperson
Phone: (419) 530-1979

Department of Pharmacology
Kenneth A. Bachmann, Chairperson
Phone: (419) 530-1910

Department of Pharmacy Practice
Charles I. Hicks, Chairperson
Phone: (419) 530-1951


Coordinator of Advising
Valerie L. Thomas
Phone: (419) 530-1904

Pre-Professional Adviser
A. Kasra Amirjahed

Gerald P. Sherman

Honors Student Advisers
William S. Messer
Christine N. Hinko
Walter W. Siganga
Katherine A. Wall

Professional Division students
assigned faculty

Professional Division: Out-of-Sequence students
William P. Mies

Fifth Year students
Barbara M. Rudnicki

Last Updated: 6/9/16