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College of Pharmacy Honors Program

The College of Pharmacy offers an Honors Program for eligible students in both the B.S. Pharmacy and B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences programs as part of the University-wide Honors Program.

Highly qualified students entering the University in the College of Pharmacy will be considered for advanced placement and for entry into honors courses and honors sections of major courses offered in the first two years by the other colleges. Decisions regarding entry of students into the University Honors Program, or into specific honors courses, will be made in consultation with the: University Honors Program director and College of Pharmacy Honors advisers. Normally, entering students with an ACT composite score of 28 and above, coupled with a 3.75/4.00 high school GPA, will be considered for entry into honors courses. During the first two years of study, the College of Pharmacy offers courses that orient the student toward the profession of Pharmacy and the Pharmaceutical Sciences and toward the moral and ethical responsibilities of pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists. No honors sections of these orientation courses will be offered.

Two physiological chemistry courses and several electives are offered with honors sections. A specific honors seminar course and an honors thesis option are offered for some of the very best students in the program. These courses can fulfill requirements for electives. In addition to the overall college requirement, specific departmental requirements, on file in the respective department offices, also must be met for graduation from the College of Pharmacy with honors.

The B.S.P.S. with honors is attainable by all students who complete at least 33 semester hours of honors course work with a grade of B or better. In addition, at least 5 hours of the 33noted above must be taken within the senior independent project and senior seminar. These courses are to be taken within the Department of Medicinal and Biological Chemistry or within the Department of Pharmacology. Otherwise, the requirements of an "honors" degree will be the same in B.S.P.S. as in the B.S. in Pharm. curriculum.

Last Updated: 6/9/16