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Academic Policies


The option of a Pass/No Credit grade is not available to a University College student unless this is the only grading option for the course. However, a grade of Pass obtained while a student was enrolled in another college may be transferred to University College provided it is applicable to the student's new program.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

The CLEP policies as stated in the General Section of this catalog apply to all University College programs. University College also recognizes DANTES and ACE evaluated academic credit. Adult Liberal Studies students need to see special CLEP information in the Adult Liberal Studies section of University College.

Portfolio Development

Credit may be earned for certain courses in which a student has had previous academic instruction or practical experience. Credit is obtained via portfolio which involves compiling a portfolio detailing the student's prior college level learning. Students desiring credit by this process should contact University College.

Field Experience and Internship for University College Students

University College students have the opportunity to earn up to eight credit hours toward their degree while completing a practical experience outside the classroom. The internship is meant to be an exposure to a new career field while the field experience is a project-based experience.

Degree Requirements and Options

The University Undergraduate Core Curriculum requirements, detailed in the General Section of this catalog, must be fulfilled by all students. In fulfilling The University of Toledo Core Curriculum, University College students must meet the following specific requirements:

· One English Literature course

· One Philosophy course

· One Political Science course, related to American Government, or one American History course

· One Economics course

· One course from Anthropology, Geography, Psychology or Sociology

· One Speech course

Other Degree Requirements

1.Completion of UC 1000 Orientation course.

2.40 semester hours must be completed in upper division courses (numbered 3000 or 4000).

3.Students must complete a minimum of 30 semester hours of work in residence as a University College student.

4.The minimum number of approved credit hours required for completion of a degree from the University College is 124 semester hours and may be more, depending upon the agreed program content.

Honors in University College

The University of Toledo offers all students of exceptional academic ability the opportunity to enter a special program of academic rigor and challenge. See your adviser for further details on the Honors Program. Students who have demonstrated exceptional promise may be invited to participate in University College Honors. These students' programs will be developed in close conjunction with the Honors adviser.

The minimum requirements for consideration into the University College Honors program are 20 hours of completed course work and at least a 3.4 GPA.

Last Updated: 6/9/16