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Includes refrigerators, freezers, TVs, washers, dryers, etc.

Includes sports equipment & apparel, track and field, exercise machines, etc.

Includes projectors, TVs, broadcasting equipment, cameras, etc.

Includes all hardware, software, printers, toner/ink cartridges, maintenance agreements, etc.

Includes all construction supplies, carpeting, window treatments, etc.

Includes lecturers, architects, moving services, insurance carriers, pest control, freight carrier, window washers, etc.

Includes all trades

Includes circuit boards, resistors, gauges, etc.

Includes leasing, financing capital, etc.

Includes all food related goods or services

Includes office, dorm, hospital beds, lounge, children's, cafeteria furniture, etc.

Includes books, carts, detection services, etc.

Includes janitorial, lighting, material handling, uniforms, safety shoes, etc.

Includes parking lot paving, sealing, snow removal, lawn care or chemicals, fencing, etc.

Includes hospital, operating room, anesthesia, biomedical equipment, cardiology vascular lab, dialysis, endoscopy, radiology, respiratory, sterile processing supplies, etc.

Includes the purchase of new motorized vehicles, shop equipment, repairs/body work, etc.

Includes band instruments, band uniforms, piano's, etc.

Includes general supplies, fax machines, copiers, mailroom equipment, paper, etc.

Drugs, labels, forms, solutions, etc.

Includes printers of books, publications, magazines, forms, etc.

Includes screen printing, embroidered apparel, etc.

Includes crowd control, security related goods/services, tent rentals, etc.

Includes lab/research equipment, gasses, glassware, measurement equipment, etc.

Includes building signs, directional signs, etc.

Includes telephones, cell phones, pagers, long distance services, prepaid phone cards, 2 way radios, etc.

Includes towels, linens, washers, dryers, laundry/dry cleaning services, etc.

Includes travel agents, hotel reservations, car/bus/van rentals, air charters, etc.

Includes solid, laboratory, asbestos, hazardous, etc.


Terms of Registration

By submitting this registration form, you are authorizing The University of Toledo to add your company information to our database for future purchase consideration. You certify that all information provided is accurate and reliable; your company is not suspended or debarred by the Federal Government or the State of Ohio from participating in Federal or State funded projects; have not been sanctioned by or excluded from participation in any federal or state health care program, including Medicare and Medicaid; and that no conflict of interest exists or will exist as a result of your participation as a University of Toledo supplier. You understand that submission of this form is voluntary and does not "guarantee" future business with The University of Toledo.

Last Updated: 9/15/15