Judith Herb College of Education

Nationally Accredited Programs/Accrediting Agencies


The Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) 

Program Name Degree Review By
A&YA Integrated Language Arts Baccalaureate NCTE
A&YA Integrated Language Arts Graduate Master's SPA:NCTE
A&YA Integrated Mathematics Baccalaureate SPA:NCTM
A&YA Integrated Mathematics Graduate Master's SPA:NCTM
A&YA Integrated Social Studies Baccalaureate SPA:NCSS
A&YA Integrated Social Studies Graduate Master's SPA:NCSS
Administrative Principal, ages 10-21 [grades 5-12] Master's SPA:ELCC
Administrative Principal, ages 3-12 [grades PreK-6] Master's SPA:ELCC
Administrative Principal. ages 8-14 [grades 4-9] Master's SPA:ELCC
Administrative Superintendent Doctorate SPA:ELCC
AYA Science Baccalaureate SPA:NSTA
AYA Science Graduate Master's SPA:NSTA
Career and Technical Route B Initial License *   None
Early Childhood Education Baccalaureate SPA:NAEYC
Early Childhood Education Graduate Master's SPA:NAEYC
Early Childhood Intervention Specialist Master's SPA:CEC

Educational Computing and Technology Literacy
Endorsement (Graduate)

Post Baccalaureate SPA:ISTE
Foreign Language Baccalaureate SPA:ACTFL
Foreign Language French Graduate Master's SPA:ACTFL
Foreign Language German Graduate Master's SPA:ACTFL
Foreign Language Spanish Graduate Master's SPA:ACTFL
Gifted Education Endorsement only SPA:NAGC
Health Baccalaureate SPA:AAHE
Middle Childhood (Language Arts, Mathematics,
Social Studies, Science) Graduate
Master's SPA:AMLE (NMSA)
Middle Childhood( Language Arts, Mathematics,
Social Studies & Science)
Baccalaureate SPA:AMLE (NMSA)
Mild/Moderate Intervention Specialist Baccalaureate SPA:CEC
Mild/Moderate Intervention Specialist Graduate Master's SPA:CEC
Moderate/Intensive Intervention Specialist Baccalaureate SPA:CEC
Moderate/Intensive Intervention Specialist Graduate Master's SPA:CEC
Physical Education Baccalaureate SPA:NASPE
Reading K-12 Master's SPA:IRA
School Psychology Specialist or C.A.S. SPA:NASP
Visually Impaired Intervention Specialist Graduate Master's SPA:CEC
Visually Impaired Intervention Specialist Undergraduate Post Baccalaureate SPA:CEC
Health Education   AAHE
Art Education   NASAD
Music Education   NASM
Last Updated: 1/11/17