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 Our Mission:

The mission of of the Daso Herb Center for Advanced Research in Education, Talented and Gifted (CARE) is to promote the development of talent and excellence in socially valued areas of human activity through research, teaching and service. Daso Herb CARE recognizes the range of talents and gifts in our society,  is responsive to changes in the definition of talent and gifts over time, and is sensitive to diversity. As Talents emerge, social and emotional issues leading to self-exploration,  discovery and expression occur.  We see gifts as forming into four broad categories: Academic talents, aesthetic talents, practical/folk  talents and athletic talents.     

The Goals of Care:    
  • To advance program of scholarship: talent development, the phenomenon of talented and gifted, evaluation  of education innovation.

  • To support the development of a model teacher education program for teachers of the talented and gifted.

  • To provide service to children and families to enhance to development of talented  and gifted  children.

  • To build an external resource base to support the activities of the center.

  • To recognize and support exemplary professional practice.

Last Updated: 1/5/18