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Advanced Degrees in Educational Technology

The Educational Technology Programs prepare professionals at the certificate, master's (M.Ed.) and doctoral (Ph.D.) levels and are designed to meet the needs of those desiring to become specialists in the field of educational technology. Courses focus on a variety of technologies teacher education, instructional design, multimedia and web design, using the internet in the classroom, developing computer-based and web-based instruction, designing instruction for diverse learner populations, and technology management for P-12 education.

The Master's and Ph.D. programs prepare practitioners for leadership roles as public school and college level educators and are appropriate for those desiring to work in training positions in business and industry. Both programs include a solid foundation in research, curriculum, and teaching skills with an emphasis on instructional design and educational technology.

For admissions requirements and more information, please see the Course Catalog.

To apply, visit the College of Graduate Studies.


Master of Education in Educational Technology

This program is designed for students interested in working as instructional designers and developers or media specialist in school districts, colleges, and universities. The program also prepares graduates for work in industry as instructional designers, online course developers, and consultants in academic and non-academic environments.

This program is a minimum of 30 credit hours including 12 hours core college and 18 hours in educational technology. The entire degree program is offered online.

Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction: Educational Technology 
Approximately 70% Online

The Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction is a minimum of sixty (60) semester credit hours including 12 hours of research tools, 6 hours of Professional Seminars, and 33 hours of in educational technology, curriculum and instruction, or cognate areas in other departments as approved by the student's program committee. Students must successfully complete 9 hours of dissertation research to complete their doctoral program. The doctoral program is designed to help students develop rigorous scholarship and expertise in a specific field in order to facilitate their dissertation writing and future professional work.

The doctoral program consists of 60 semester credit hours as follows:

  • Professional Seminars 6 hours
  • Research Tools 12 hours
  • Interdisciplinary area of concentration 33 hours
  • Dissertation research 9 hours
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