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Ohio Reading Endorsement (online)


This endorsement is designed for licensed teachers who want to be highly qualified to work with struggling readers and writers.

Reading Teacher

What Is Required Before I Enroll?

  • You must have taken 12 hours of undergraduate or graduate prerequisite coursework in the teaching of reading PRIOR to taking any reading endorsement classes. 

  • Candidates also need to have an undergraduate or graduate course in phonics or the equivalent of a phonics course. This requirement is usually met in an undergraduate course but it can be met while you are completing the Reading Endorsement coursework.

If you would like someone to review your prerequisite coursework, please contact: Dr. Susanna Hapgood at or 419-530-2139.

What Courses Do I Need to Take?

Course Names & Numbers Pre/Co-Requisite Information
CI 6400  Trends in Literacy Acquisition 
(offered only in fall)
May be taken concurrently with CI 6410, or 6430 (Is a prerequisite for CI 6440)
CI 6430  Diagnosis of Reading Disability 
(offered only in fall)
May be taken concurrently with CI 6400 or CI 6410 (Is a prerequisite for CI 6440)
 CI 6410  Content Area Literacy-Elementary and Secondary 
(offered only in spring)
May be taken concurrently with any other reading endorsement class
 CI 6440  Remediation Practicum 
(offered only in spring)
CI 6400 & CI 6430 are prerequisites (May be taken concurrently with CI 6410)

 Want to Finish in Two Semesters?

Semester 1
(Courses offered only in fall)

  • CI 6400 Trends in Literacy Acquisition
  • CI 6430 Diagnosis of Reading Disability
Semester 2
(Courses offered only in spring)
  • CI 6440 Remediation Practicum
  • CI 6410 Content Area Reading

What is Required After Completing My Coursework?  You must take and pass two tests. For information about those tests, click here

What is Required After I Pass My Exams? 

  • Submit an application to the State of Ohio to receive the endorsement.
  • Send your exam results to UT as well as the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) so that our “e-signer” will receive notification of your results. Verify to ODE that you have completed all the requirements for the endorsement. 

Still have Questions?   Download FAQs

Contact:  Dr. Susanna Hapgood (419-530-2139)

Last Updated: 11/21/17