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Department of Educational Foundations & Leadership
The University of Toledo
Main Campus
Gillham Hall, 5th floor
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Mailing address:
The University of Toledo
Main Campus
MS 921
Toledo, OH 43606-3390

Department Secretary:
Ruth Ann Easterwood
Gillham Hall Room 5000

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Interim Chair
Dr. Gregory Stone
Gillham Hall Room 5400-M

Department of Educational Foundations & Leadership

Accommodations & Accessibility


UT Student Disability Services: https://www.utoledo.edu/offices/student-disability-services/index.html


The University will make reasonable academic accommodations for students with documented 
disabilities. Students should contact the Office of Academic Access (Rocket Hall 1820; 419.530.4981; officeofacademicaccess@utoledo.edu ) as soon as possible for more information and/or to initiate the process for accessing academic accommodations.  

If you are registered with the Office of Academic Access, your instructors have received notification regarding your 
academic accommodations. Please see your instructor as soon as possible to discuss your accommodations and how 
your instructor may be of assistance to you throughout the course. 

The University of Toledo abides by the Americans with Disabilities Act (equal and timely access) and 
Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (non‐discrimination on the basis of disability). If you have a 
disability and are in need of academic accommodations but have not yet registered with the Office of 
Academic Access (OA) (Rocket Hall 1820; 419.530.4981; officeofacademicaccess@utoledo.edu ) please 
contact the office as soon as possible for more information and/or to initiate the process for accessing 
academic accommodations.  Students with disabilities receiving accommodations 
through OA are encouraged to discuss this with instructors, after class or during office hours, so that instructors may be better 
informed on how to assist you during the semester.  
Any student with a documented disability receiving academic accommodations through the Office of 
Academic Access is requested to speak with your instructors as soon as possible. All discussions will remain 
confidential and are intended to assist your instructors with ensuring your accommodations are appropriately 
implemented throughout the course.  
Students with disabilities who believe they may need academic accommodations are encourage to 
speak with their instructors after class and will need to contact the Office of Academic Access (Rocket Hall 1820; 
419.530.4981 officeofacademicaccess@utoledo.edu ) as soon as possible for more information and/or 
to initiate the process for accessing academic accommodations. 
Office of Academic Access  
January 2013

Last Updated: 3/23/15