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Department of Educational Foundations & Leadership

Foundations of Peace Education: An Online Graduate Certificate Program (12 credit hours)

  This page contains information for the Online Graduate Certificate in Foundations of Peace Education in the Department of Educational Foundations and Leadership. For more information, please contact Professors Snauwaert or Feucht using the contact information below.



Objective of Certificate Program

The Online Graduate Certificate in Foundations of Peace Education program is designed for education professionals working in a variety of educational environments ranging from P-12 schools, community colleges, universities, and non-government organizations. This certificate will provide students with the concepts, skills, and values to infuse peace education throughout the curriculum, thereby providing them with opportunities to be employed in a variety of educational settings. The program caters to an interdisciplinary and international audience.

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Be Strategic

The certificate could be used strategically to fulfill minor and cognate requirements or to develop a general concentration in the foundations of education in various master’s and doctoral degree programs at The University of Toledo and other universities.

Out-of-state students and international students may want to consider completing the online graduate certificate at The University of Toledo and transferring the credit to their home institutions. All students pay the lower in-state tuition for the online certificate.

Our program is unique in the way that it caters to interested students across the globe: Get a U.S. degree without applying for a visa, leaving your country, or paying international student fees.

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Defining the Foundations of Peace Education

Peace education is a learning process designed to develop the capacity of global citizens to critically understand and transform all forms of violence and the patterns of thought that justify and support them in order to contribute to the creation of a more just and peaceful world.  The Foundations of Peace Education explore the philosophical, sociological, and psychological basis of this learning process. 

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Program of Study

The program requires completion of four (4) graduate courses at the master’s or doctoral level (12 semester credit hours). All courses are offered online through distance learning.

Start with TSOC 5600/7600 Foundations of Peace Pedagogy (required)

    • The purpose of this course is to introduce the basic concepts, theories, and approaches to peace education.  The course explores the theories of peace education, including pedagogical approaches to peace-learning.  The course also introduces the substantive areas of peace education.

Select three (3) additional courses chosen from the following list

Educational Psychology Focus:

    • EDP 6/8120: School Violence Theory, Prevention, and Intervention
    • EDP 6/8370: News Media Literacy, Society, and the Mind
    • EDP 6/8360: Thinking and Reasoning in School Context
    • EDP 6/8990: Independent Study in Educational Psychology

Philosophy Focus:

    • TSOC 6/8390: Theories of Justice and Educational Policy
    • TSOC 6/8310: Major Educational Theorists
    • TSOC 6/8320: Education and the Democratic Ethic
    • TSOC 6/8330: Ethics of War and Peace and Education
    • TSOC 6/8340: Human Rights Education
    • TSOC 6/8350: Environmental Ethics and Education
    • TSOC 6/8990: Independent Study in Educational Foundations

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Faculty Who Currently Teach Program Courses


We are excited for more faculty to join the online certificate program.

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Selected Program Resources

The Online Graduate Certificate in Foundations of Peace Education program is affiliated with following institutions and resources:

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Admission Process and Criteria

The application process for the Certificate Program is entirely completed online. The following are minimum application requirements to be considered for admission to the Online Graduate Certificate Program in the Foundations of Peace Education. The University of Toledo application requirements and other relevant information are available at the College of Graduate Studies website. Using the links to the College of Graduate Studies, an applicant can apply to the program online.

In addition to the general College of Graduate Studies admission requirements (click here for requirements), the Graduate Certificate program requires the following from the prospective graduate students:

    • A baccalaureate degree from an accredited four-year institution. However, if the prospective graduate students are planning to teach in P-12 schools, they must have a teaching licensure in a specific subject area or discipline.
    • Official transcripts
    • Three recommendation letters, which may come from such sources as the undergraduate major adviser, current employer, school principal or others who are knowledgeable about the applicant's ability to engage in graduate work in the desired program.
    • A statement describing the prospective graduate students' background and goals as well as the importance of the degree in achieving those goals.
    • The program has selective admissions and may admit a limited number of graduate students. Thus, meeting all formal criteria does not guarantee admission.
    • All graduate degree-seeking applicants must apply for admission to the Certificate program prior to graduation.

Students seeking admission to the program will need to file one online application through the College of Graduate studies.

If you have any difficulty selecting the appropriate application or finding information related to financial support for international students, please contact the College of Graduate Studies at 419.530.4723 or email grdsch@utnet.utoledo.edu

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Contact Information

Dale Snauwaert 
Online Graduate Certificate in Foundations of Peace Education 
Educational Theory and Social Foundations Program
Department of Educational Foundations and Leadership

Florian Feucht
Online Graduate Certificate in Foundations of Peace Education 
Educational Psychology Program
Department of Educational Foundations and Leadership

 College of Graduate Studies:

    • Phone : 419.530.4723
    • Email: grdsch@utnet.utoledo.edu

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