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Dr. Edward Janak
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Educational Theory & Social Foundations Program

Publications from Program Faculty and Students

Below are selected publications by faculty and students in the Educational Theory and Foundations program. The articles are categorized by author and some have a link to the abstract or to the full article. For more information about a specific article, please contact the faculty member or department (419-530-2461).


Dr. Lynne Hamer

Hamer, L., Chen, W., Plasman, K., Sheth, S., & Yamazaki, K. (2013). Kwanzaa Park: Discerning principles of Kwanzaa as a basis for culturally relevant teaching through participatory action research. Journal of Ethnographic and Qualitative Research, 7(4), 188-203. 

Hamer, L., Jenkins, M., & Moore, B. (2013). Toward a cultural framework for dialogue about justice. Journal of Black Studies, 44(4), 356-376.
Kumar, R., &   Hamer, L. (2013). Preservice teachers’ attitudes and beliefs toward student diversity and proposed instructional practices: A sequential design study. Journal of Teacher Education, 64(2), 162-177.
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Dr. Dale T. Snauwaert
1. Snauwaert, Dale T., Social justice and the philosophical foundations of critical peace education:  Exploring Nussbaum, Sen, and Freire, Journal of Peace Education, 8, no. 3 (2011): 315-331.

2. Snauwaert, Dale T., Democracy, public reason, and peace education, Global Campaign for Peace Education Newsletter #88 November (2011): 1-4. (invited)

3. Snauwaert, Dale T., Betty A. Reardon’s cosmopolitan and transformative philosophy of peace education, in Tony Jenkins (Ed.), Comprehensive Peace Education (Special Edition):  International Reflections on Educating for Global Responsibility (Charlotte, NC:  Information Age Publishing, in press).

4. Reardon, Betty A. and Snauwaert, Dale T., Reflective pedagogy, cosmopolitanism, and critical peace education for political efficacy:  A discussion of Betty A. Reardon’s assessment of the field, In Factis Pax: Online Journal of Peace Education and Social Justice 5, no. 1 (2011): 1-14 http://www.infactispax.org/journal/ (equal authorship, alphabetically listed)

5. Hughes, Sherick and Snauwaert, Dale T., Brown policy and the moral pillars of democracy:  exploring justice as the organizing principle of educational studies, Educational Studies 46, no.6 (2010): 545 — 559 (equal authorship, alphabetically listed)

6. Hughes, Sherick and Snauwaert, Dale T., Toward an informed and transparent philosophy of racial diversity for colleges of education, in Sherick Hughes and Theodorea Berry (Eds.) The New Significance of Race in Education: Living, Learning, and Teaching. (Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press, 2010). (equal authorship, alphabetically listed)

7. Snauwaert, Dale T., Book Review – Carl Mirra, United States Foreign Policy and the Prospects for Peace Education (North Carolina:  McFarland Publishers, 2008), Journal of Peace Education 7, no. 2 (2010).

8. Snauwaert, Dale T., Democracy as public deliberation and the psychology of epistemological world views and moral reasoning: A philosophical reflection, In Factis Pax: Online Journal of Peace Education and Social Justice 4, no. 1 (2010): 120-126 http://www.infactispax.org/journal/ (invited)
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