The Internationalization Consortium



Connecting Colleges

  • Consortium staff work with CEAIE staff to connect you with a partner in China, based upon shared mutual interests and geographic factors.
  • Consortium staff facilitate meetings where you can explore mutually beneficial internationalization initiatives with their Chinese partners.

US Study tours

  • Consortium staff works with CEAIE staff and member institutions to sponsor US Study Tours.
  • Consortium staff works with CEAIE staff to recruit students and faculty in China.
  • Consortium staff facilitates the organization and design of these study tours.


  • Consortium staff works with CEAIE staff to sponsor China Study Tours.
  • Participants' in-country expenses are covered by CEAIE.
  • Preference in admission is given to faculty and students from member colleges.


  • Consortium staff works with member colleges and CEAIE to send American faculty to China to present workshops in their areas of expertise.
  • CEAIE or partner colleges provide faculty with stipends and pay for all in-country expenses.

Administrator Study Tours

  • Consortium staff leads senior leaders in colleges and universities on professional development trips to China.
  • CEAIE pays for most in-country expenses.
  • Workshops on the Chinese system of higher education, the implications of global trade on workforce development, and internationalization practices are provided.

Partner visits

  • Consortium staff organizes and leads members on visits to China to meet with their partners.
  • Consortium staff works with American members to organize professional development workshops so that Chinese faculty and administrators can visit their partners in the US.

conferences and Meetings

  • Consortium colleges are invited to participate in the China Annual Conference for International Educators (CACIE) in Beijing in October.
  • The conference provides an opportunity to connect with the President and International Education Director of your partner college.
  • Consortium staff invites members to participate in meetings with CEAIE delegations visiting the US.

Study Programs

  • Consortium staff works with member colleges to offer study programs at partner colleges in the summers or during the academic year.
  • Participants can apply for provincial funding to pay for their expenses.
  • Participants receive credit for their coursework from their home institutions.

 curricular agreements

  • Consortium staff encourages colleges to develop articulation agreements and/or joint-degree programs in areas of mutual interest.
  • Consortium staff assists colleges in organizing the face-to-face meetings necessary to develop these curricular agreements.


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Last Updated: 9/26/17