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Description of the Project

Purpose: To (a) evaluate currently available computer based reading programs for alignment with principles of effective instructional design (b) implement several programs (including a DI based computer reading program) in schools and homes in Ohio and Utah, and (c) evaluate outcomes for struggling readers in school and home based computerized reading programs in Ohio and Utah. 

Methodology: The proposed  project consists of three studies.

(a) In the first study, commonly marketed computer-based reading programs will be evaluated for their instructional design and adaptability with children with disabilities.

(b) In the second study, a parental study, 60 children with reading difficulties (ages 5-7) will be provided reading intervention using either a DI based reading program or another computer program. This study will be simultaneously conducted at two sites: East Tennessee and Northern Utah. The children will be randomly assigned and a pre-post experimental design will be used to study the effectiveness of computer-based parent interventions.

(c) In the third study, 360 children (180 at each site) between ages 5-7 and with reading difficulties will be provided a computer-based reading intervention in addition to regular class instruction. The study will evaluate the DI based-computer reading program. Children-teacher dyads will be randomly assigned to one of the three intervention groups; a DI-based reading program group, a computer-based reading program group, and a teacher instruction only group. The children with reading difficulties will be evaluated using DIBELS every three months. Multivariate statistics will be employed to study the effects and effect sizes will be reported. This study will be conducted independently and simultaneously at two sites: Northern Ohio and Northern Utah.

Further, social validity data on the value of the software, appropriateness, and adaptability will be obtained for both studies (from parents and children in parental study and teachers and children in teacher study).

 Dissemination of Results: The results will be shared with parents, teachers and will be disseminated through College of Education Website, scholarly publications, parent newsletters, and at national conferences.

Last Updated: 6/9/16