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Collaboration with SPED Colleagues and Related Services Professionals

When working with children with disabilities, early childhood educators may be asked to work with numerous credentialed professional practitioners.  It is important that effective communication and collaboration take place. The following website provides strategies to develop skills related to effective collaboration.

The CONNECT modules are free online modules designed to help build early childhood practitioners ability to engage in evidence-based decision making. Module 3: Communication for Collaboration focuses on effective practices for communication with other professionals and parents.
This module can be accessed at: http://community.fpg.unc.edu/connect-modules/learners/module-3

Project TaCTICS
TaCTICS (Therapists as Collaborative Team members for Infant/Toddler Community Services) was an outreach training project funded by a U.S. Department of Education Grant. The web site offers tools that are useful in skillfully navigating the path toward provision of Part C Services using the child/family's daily routines, activities, and events as a context for assessment and intervention.

Minnesota Center of Professional Development (MnCPD)
The Minnesota Center of Professional Development (MnCPD) offers resources related to Relationship Based Professional Development. Relationship Based Professional Development (RBPD) is a broad term used to refer to four types of professional assistance that use relationships as a foundation: coaching, mentoring, consultation and technical assistance. An overview of these relationships can be found at: http://mncpd.org/rbpd.html

McCPD also offers printable printable PDF's and additional resources related to RBPD.

ERIC Digest #461
This digest provides an explanation of the different types of team models; multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, and transdisciplinary.

Individualizing Inclusion for Preschool Children Using Collaborative Consultation
This journal article by DeVore, Miolo, and Hader explores the use of collaborative consultation within an early childhood education and care center. PDF

Last Updated: 6/9/16