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Project Open House Staff

Co-Director: Laurie Dinnebeil, Ph.D.
Professor and Daso Herb Chair
Early Childhood, Physical & Special Education

As the Co-Director and Principal Investigator, Dr. Dmnebeil's role is to direct the key elements of Project Open House, including the review of relevant models for regional R&Rs in Ohio and across U.S. Along with Dr. Mclnerney, she will conduct focus groups and complete the analysis of focus group data. In addition, Dr. Dinnebeil will conduct tri-annual meetings as well as web-based meetings every other month with the POH Advisory Board members. Lastly, will develop plan for pilot project in NW Ohio and will develop TA materials for use by R&R consultants in pilot project and regional replications.

Co-Director: William Mclnerney, Ph.D.
Consultant/Professor Emeritus
Early Childhood Special Education

Dr. Mclnerney will assist in reviewing relevant models for regional R&Rs in Ohio and across U.S. and will coordinate and conduct focus groups and the analysis of focus group data with Dr. Dinnebeil. Will also assist in the management of triannual meetings in Columbus as well as interim web-based meetings (6 per year). Responsible for engaging consultants from regional R&R and providing technical\ assistance and professional development training including the review, editing and development of TA materials for use by R&R consultants in pilot project and regional applications.

Grant Manager: Shana Pyle, M.U.P.
Early Childhood, Physical & Special Education

Responsible for budget management and providing fiscal information for required reports. Manages internal personnel matters at UT as well as interactions with R&R personnel in the processing of contracts, efforts reports, etc. Will coordinate logistics related to focus group participation, Advisory Board meetings, technical assistance sessions, pilot project activities, replication site activities, evaluation activities, dissemination activities, etc.

Dr. Dinnebeil and Dr. Mclnerney bring extensive knowledge related to supporting early childhood inclusion to the project. They co-directed a model demonstration project implemented in NW Ohio and funded by the U.S. Department of Education designed to support professional development for inclusive childcare. Shana Pyle brings over 5 years of grant management experience to the program.

Last Updated: 2/24/17