About Project LEA

The goals of Project LEA include: 

  1. Providing high-quality LRE options for young children with disabilities and their families.
  2. Appropriately collecting, analyzing, and using outcome data to evaluate programs and inform data-based decisions for continuous program improvement.
  3. Identifying, using, and evaluating the efficacy of evidence-based instructional practices for young children with disabilities.
  4. Providing effective supervision of ECSE teachers and related services personnel.

The LEA Education Specialist (Ed.S.) degree program of study is a 32-semester hour, advanced graduate degree appropriate for educational leaders.  The program of study consists of 9 courses including a 5-credit capstone experience.  We believe that this advanced graduate program will provide “front-line” administrators with the skills they need to provide high quality services to preschoolers with disabilities and their families.  PLEASE NOTE:  The Project LEA Program of Study does NOT lead to any certificate or license, such as the Teacher Leader Endorsement or an Administrative license. 

We will provide these “front-line” leaders with the knowledge and skills they need to collect, analyze and use data related to child outcomes to improve their preschool special education program.  

The program of study is closely aligned with CEC’s Advanced Personnel Preparation Standards for Early Childhood Education. 

A number of former educational leaders will serve as mentors to Project LEA students.  These mentors will work with students “from a distance”, communicating through email and the telephone.    

  • Cycle A (1st cohort) completed the program in Summer 2015.  We currently have 16 scholars enrolled in our 2nd and 3rd cohorts of Project LEA. Scholars in Cycle B (2nd cohort) will complete their program of study in Spring 2016. Scholars in Cycle C (3rd cohort) began classes in Fall 2015, and will complete their program of study in Spring 2017.  Cycle D, our 4th and final cohort will begin classes in Spring 2017 and will complete the program in Summer 2018.  These scholars represent Northwest, Southwest, Northeast, and Central and South Central Ohio regions. They bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experiences in ECSE.  
Last Updated: 6/9/16