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Early Childhood Education PreK-3

The Licensure and Masters Program (LAMP) in Early Childhood Education is designed for the student who already holds a baccalaureate degree in a major other than education and wants to become a licensed teacher in the State of Ohio . The program provides coursework that will lead toward initial PK - 3 teacher licensing in the State of Ohio and, at the same time, meet the requirements for a Masters Degree in Education.

Early childhood

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The ECE LAMP program consists of a variety of courses that can typically be completed in two academic years. It includes three field experiences of 120 hours each (one in a preschool, and two in elementary classrooms), as well as a 75 day student teaching experience.  A sample plan of study is included below, but may be modified depending upon previous experiences.

Cognate Courses (9 hours) Cohort 2 (15 hours)
MED 3030 Music for ECE (MUS 2200 pre-req) (2) CIEC 5460 Science for ECE(3)
AED 5150  Inspirations from Reggio Emilia (3) CIEC 5350 Public Policy (3)
HEAL 3100 Health Ed for ECE (2) CI3430 Phonics and ID (3)
PED 2450 Phys Ed for ECE (2) CI3460 Lit & Read Dev. for ECE (3)
  CIEC 5480 Primary Practicum (3)
Beginning Professional Courses (18 hours)  
CIEC 5000 ECE:  Phil & Practice (3) Cohort 3 (15 hours)
EDP 5210 Child Behavior & Development (3) CI4980 Reading Assessment and Diagnosis (3)
SPED 5010Atypical EC Development (3) CI5510 Math for the Young Child (3)
ETPT 5200  Education Computing:  Prod Tools (3) CIEC 5550  Social Studies Methods for ECE (3)
TSOC 5200 Soc. Found. Of Ed (3) CIEC 6750 Developmental Assessment (3)
CIEC 5340 Infant/Toddler Curriculum (includes 24 hour field experience) (3) CIEC 5770  Field (3)
Cohort I (15 hours) Cohort 4 (15 hours)
CIEC 5070 Best Practices in ECE (3) CIEC 6940 Internship in ECE (12)
CI4980 Foundations of Literacy CIEC 4900 Internship Seminar (3)
SPED 5080 Curric. Adapt & Strategies in ECE (3) RESM 5310 Educational Research (3)
CIEC 5380 Preschool Practicum (3) CIEC 6900 Masters Seminar (3) (or CIEC 6920 or 6960)
  CIEC 6950 Theory & Research in ECE (3)


  • A background check must be completed for all field based courses
  • Praxis II should be taken during Cohort 3 and be successfully completed to be recommended for licensure

 To begin the evaluation process, you must:

  • Complete the application for review of coursework.
  • Submit the form and all transcripts of higher education coursework taken at other institutions, including transcripts of coursework completed at UT prior to 1976.

After the completed application and required documentation are received, your coursework will be evaluated. Please allow 3-4 weeks to complete the evaluation process. Once completed, you will then be notified in writing of the coursework you will need in order to be licensed, including those for the Master's degree. Please note that application to Graduate School is a second required step, should you decide to pursue licensure.

Deadlines for Review and Applying

Semester LAMP Course Work to be Reviewed Apply Online to College of Graduate Studies for LAMP
Fall June 1st July 1st
Spring October 1st November 15th
Summer March 1st April 1st

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