Judith Herb College of Education

Processes and Procedures for Special Education LAMP


Steps to Enter the Special Education LAMP Program


  • Complete a LAMP application and send to the Judith Herb College of Education

  • Complete a graduate application to the College of Graduate Studies

  • Department Chair will check for student’s admission to Graduate School. Student must be admitted to Graduate School before acceptance to LAMP is considered.

  • If student is admitted to the LAMP program, The Department Chair will assign a faculty advisor.

  • The Department Chair will send a letter to student informing them of admission to the program and assigned advisor. Copy of admission letter is sent to college administration.

  • The student should meet with their faculty advisor to prepare a plan of study listing the courses that will satisfy the master’s requirements. Students have six years to complete their master’s degree.

  • Students typically complete the coursework for licensure including student teaching; successfully pass the OAE state exam; and make application for the teaching license.

  • After successfully obtaining a teaching license, students then complete the remaining requirements for the master’s degree and for license renewal.

Deadlines for Review and Applying

Semester LAMP Course Work to be Reviewed Apply Online to College of Graduate Studies for LAMP
Fall June 1st July 1st
Spring October 1st November 15th
Summer March 1st April 1st

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