Judith Herb College of Education

The License And Masters Program (LAMP) in Special Education Admission Process

If you decide to apply for the LAMP, then follow these steps:




  • Student completes a LAMP application to the Judith Herb College of Education and a graduate application to the College of Graduate Studies
  • Department Chair will check for student’s admission to Graduate School. Student must be admitted to Graduate School before acceptance to LAMP is considered.
  • If student is admitted to the LAMP program, The Department Chair will assign a faculty advisor.
  • The Department Chair will send a letter to student informing them of admission to the program and assigned advisor. Copy of admission letter is sent to college administration.
  • The student should meet with their faculty advisor to prepare a plan of study listing the courses that will satisfy the master’s requirements. Students have six years to complete their master’s degree.
  • Students typically complete the course work for licensure including student teaching; successfully pass the OAE state exam; and make application for the teaching license. After successfully obtaining their teaching license, Students then complete the remaining requirements for the master’s degree and for license renewal.
Last Updated: 7/6/16