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Teach Toledo is helping Toledo's citizens become tomorrow's teachers.  The mission of Teach Toledo is to support the development of diverse educators committed to representing local and national urban communities.

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If you have applied for admission to UT previously, or if you have any trouble with this link, please contact lynne.hamer@utoledo.edu.

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Dr. Lynne Hamer - Coordinator



Dr. Romules Durant"As a TPS and UT graduate, I know the power of teaching in our city, which is why I believe in Teach Toledo."

Toledo Public Schools Superintendent

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Teach Toledo will have a second cohort of students beginning Fall 2019. Now is the time to learn about the program and get help with admissions and financial aid. Students will enroll as regular UT students. Classes will be held Monday thru Thursday, 4:30-7, at a TPS school, in order to make access for paraprofessionals and others who work day shifts easier.

Come find out about the program and get help applying for admission, or like us on Facebook at Teach Toledo Initiative to receive news of future events.

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Regina Kynard

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