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Proposal Writing Assistance

Grant Writing Staff                                                                                                                 

Eva English, MA, BA

Grant Writer
419.530.6280 | Office

Eva provides assistance with the grant writing process including the following:
  • Identifying and Researching Opportunities
  • Revising and Editing Proposals

In addition to our grant writing staff and under the auspices of the UT Research Council, a core group of faculty is available to help review and edit proposals and offer helpful commentary. If you wish to avail yourself of this opportunity, the following faculty can be contacted. If they cannot provide assistance themselves, they can nominate someone in your discipline or a related discipline who can do so.

Proposal Writing Assistance Faculty                                                                          

 Peter Andreana, PhD
Peter Andreana, PhD

Associate Professor, Chemistry
College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Phone:  419.530.1930

 Debra Boardley, PhD Debra Boardley, PhD
Professor, Rehabilitation Services
College of Health Sciences
Phone:  419.530.2433

 Song-Tao Liu, PhD Song-Tao Liu, PhD
Associate Professor, Biological Sciences
College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Phone:  419.530.7853

 Bill Messer, PhD William Messer, PhD
Professor, Pharmacology
College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Phone: 419.530.2291

 Guillermo Vazquez, PhD Guillermo Vazquez, PhD, FAHA
Professor, Physiology and Pharmacology
College of Medicine and Life Sciences
Phone:  419.383.5301
If you have interested in providing this assistance to your colleagues at the University, please contact the Vice President of Research.
Last Updated: 8/21/18