College of Engineering Career Development Center

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Our mandatory co-op program is one of only 8 such engineering programs in the U.S. With three full semesters of work experience before graduation, UT engineering students are ready for career success. Co-op students gain employment at over 2,400 employer sites in 44 states and 42 countries.



engineering career development center wins 

E. Sam Sovilla Award of excellence for 2017 from ocea

L to R: Angela Gorny, Andrea Joldrichsen, Megan Gray, Susan Rowe-Finley, Mr. Sam Sovilla, Dr. Vickie Kuntz, Rhonda Moore and Doug Chivington - President of OCEA

The Ohio Cooperative Education Association presented the E. Sam Sovilla Award of Excellence to The University of Toledo College of Engineering for its exceptional cooperative education program.  This award is the highest honor presented by the Association.

Quick Facts
  • In 1997 the College of Engineering implemented a mandatory cooperative education program.
  • Each student enrolled in an engineering program is required to complete a minimum of three semester-long cooperative education work experiences.
  • The College of Engineering has seven accredited B.S. engineering programs and five accredited B.S. engineering technology programs.
  • Our students have accepted positions in over 44 states, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, and 42 foreign countries.
  • More than 19,000 co-op placements at 2,400+ employer sites.
  • Choosing to employ a co-op allows a business to select from a well prepared pool of employees.
Last Updated: 1/3/18