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Industry Projects

Practical applications of Dr. Guner's research involves nonlinear analysis of concrete structures, including frames, shear wall and frame systems, foundations, bridge girders, piers, abutments, and disturbed regions. For existing structures, the load capacity, deflections, reinforcement stresses, crack widths, and deficient parts are determined as a part of a performance assessment investigation. For new structures, performance-based design is conducted as per the project requirements. Below is a selection from  the completed projects.

Frame Structures

This project required a comprehensive safety assessment of an industrial tower, located in Central America, for earthquake resilience. The structure is modeled using the as-built drawings and analyzed under the code-required seismic event to determine its safety. The structure exhibited shear-critical behavior in the higher story beams. The base shear - deflection plot below shows how inaccurate and unsafe the analysis results would have been if the shear effects were neglected in this assessment.

TowerTower ModelPlot

Mat Foundation

This project required the safety assessment of a submerged mat foundation due to increased loading on the superstructure. Due to the difficulty in retrofitting the existing foundation, a realistic and accurate capacity of the foundation was sought. Consideration of soil-structure interaction and advanced material behavior, such as the shear response and membrane action, were required. The analysis results indicated shear-critical behavior for the base slab and the failure of Member 19 at a safety factor of 1.6.

Slab ModelPlot


Large Foundation Systems

In this project, a large foundation system was designed to support a compressor in a refinery in St. John's, NL. Due to the shaft rotation and the dynamic loads involved, an accurate model of the foundation was required. The long-term reliability under service loads were the primary design criteria. This required undertaking a detailed nonlinear finite element analysis of the foundation using solid elements. The foundation was sized and reinforced as per the analysis results, and the construction drawings were prepared.

FoundationFoundation FEM 

Disturbed Regions

This project involved the performance assessment of a balcony slab edge due to the concentrated loads applied by the bearing pads of a thermal break product. Two-dimensional finite element analyses were undertaken using nonlinear membrane elements. The response of the section under the service and ultimate load conditions were investigated.

Disturbed RegionDisturbed Region

Thermal Break

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