College of Engineering Office of Graduate Studies

Early Admission B.S. - M.S.

Students currently enrolled in a B.S. engineering program at the University of Toledo are given an opportunity to

  • Apply up to 9 semester credit hours of graduate coursework in lieu of B.S. degree requirements (subject to departmental limitations).
  • Accelerate the initiation of their research activities.
  • Get a full year head start on their graduate degree.

Although honors students would normally be expected to be interested in the BS-MS option, it is NOT mandatory that the student participate in the honors program to participate. Students accepted into the BS-MS option will initially be granted provisional admission to allow them to enroll in graduate level courses, and will be automatically admitted into the M.S. program in the College of Engineering upon completion of the B.S. degree.

Up to 9 semester credit hours of graduate level courses from the M.S. degree program may be used in lieu of B.S. degree credits, subject to specific departmental restrictions. In order to receive graduate credit hours, the courses must meet the following requirements:

  • The courses must be taken at the University of Toledo after the student is accepted into the BS-MS option.
  • Only 5000-level or higher engineering courses may be included.
  • An approved M.S. plan of study must be filed indicating the courses that will be accepted in place of specific B.S. degree requirements.

To participate in the program, students must have a 3.3 cumulative undergraduate grade point average and have completed their minimum co-op work requirements. Applications will be accepted no earlier than one year (33 semester credit hours) prior to the expected completion of the B.S. program. Applications should contain:

The student must file an MS plan of study immediately after being accepted into the program. The plan must specify up to 9 semester credit hours that the student intends to apply in lieu of specific B.S. degree requirements.

Acceptance notices will be sent no later than two months prior to the end of the semester preceding the student's prospective enrollment. Prospective BS-MS students should develop contacts with departmental professors so that common interest areas in research can be explored. This should lead to the student choosing a research advisor during the senior year, so that research can begin upon admission to the program.

A tuition scholarship may be used to pay the difference between graduate tuition and undergraduate tuition for up to nine credits taken in the final two semesters prior to earning a BS degree.

For more information on the Early Admission B.S. - M.S. program, students should contact:

Andrea Joldrichsen

Associate Director of Graduate Programs

Phone: 419-530-8268


Last Updated: 8/21/18