College of Engineering

 Spring 2017 Career expo guidelines

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

12:30 – 4:30 pm

  • NEW! Advanced registration available Tuesday, February 21st, 9:30 am – 4:30 pm, Nitschke Hall, 1st floor, outside Room 1040.
  • Student ID card required.
  • Student will receive name badge at check-in.
  • There will be overflow parking in Lot 18 next to the Recreation Center for student parking.  A bus will be provided to transport students to and from the career expo from noon to 4:30 pm. 
  • Pick-up/Drop-off in Lot 18 will be in the back of the lot and Palmer Hall for Lot 20.  (Courtesy shuttle stop signs will be posted.)
  • Due to our employer guests coming to the expo, 300 parking spots are reserved for the day in Lot 20.  You will not be allowed to park in the area blocked for the employers.

NOTE:  Students are not allowed to park in the grass or block traffic in Lot 20.  Students will be ticketed if not parked in a legal parking spot.


NOTEThere is a required dress code for entrance to the Career Expo:

Male student: dress clothes (including suit, tie and dress shoes) no cargo pants, khakis, jeans.

Female student:  dress clothes (pants/skirt suit or dress with jacket, dress shoes) no short skirts, yoga pants, leggings, jeans.  Skirts should be no shorter than a hand width above the knee.

ANY STUDENT, whether you are interviewing or not, wearing anything other than professional attire, will NOT be permitted entrance to the Expo.  You are representing the university.  Please dress accordingly.


Last Updated: 10/23/18