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Geriatrics Research


Research interests in the Office of Geriatric Medicine / Gerontology predominantly relate to issues in the care and management of people with Alzheimer's disease and related disorders. In addition to clinical aspects of care, office faculty are interested in psychosocial issues such as caregiver stress and burden and interventions to help caregivers cope. The office collects a database of information for clinical and research purposes from the caregivers of the patients seen in the Dementia & Memory Center. Faculty in the office have also been conducting a study looking at the process and outcome of hospitalization for dementia patients with comorbidities.

Office faculty are also interested in other chronic problems older adults experience. A new interdepartmental project will focus on nocturnal incontinence in older adults and the use of the drug desmopressin.

Students have also been involved with research projects in the office. One medical student helped to develop a survey to understand the information needs and resources of primary care physicians, particularly regarding mental health issues and the elderly. Another student is working on a proposal to study medication compliance in older adults.

A strength of the office is the various disciplines that are represented by the faculty, bringing a biopsychosocial approach to research and educational activities, as well as the delivery of medical care to older adults.


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Last Updated: 6/9/16