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Noon Conference - Monday, Friday
Radiology Conference Room
Discussion of interesting and challenging cases

Radiology/Pathology Conference - 3rd Monday of month
Radiology Conference Room
Correlation conference discussing the pathophysiologic correlates of disease processes and their impact on imaging.

Radiology/ED Conference - 4th Tuesday bimonthly
Radiology Conference Room
A quality assurance conference to improve emergency image interpretation accuracy.

Visiting Professor - 3rd Wednesday - Sept., Oct., Jan., Feb., Mar., Apr.
Radiology Conference Room
A two hour conference designed around multiple cases in a specific specialty area.

Complications Conference - Monthly
Radiology Conference Room
A quality assurance conference to study and eliminate negative trends that impact on direct patient care.

Peer Review Conference - Quarterly
Radiology Conference Room
A conference evaluating radiologist's performance.

Last Updated: 4/4/17