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Main Campus
Rocket Hall Room 1350

2801 W. Bancroft St. Mail Stop 343
Phone: 419.530.VETS
Phone: 419.530.1392
Fax: 419.530.1625

Center Hours: M-F 8:30am-5pm


All new and transfer students who are registered for at least one "on campus" class and wish to receive veteran's benefits must come to the Military Service Center to initiate benefit payments. Please contact us for an appointment.

Students who are on active duty and interested in taking only distance learning classes should contact the Office of Distance Learning at 419.530.8835 for more information on the Eileen Burg Distance Learning Scholarship.

Current Students

  • Complete the Veteran's Request Form for the semester you wish to receive benefits.  The completed form can be faxed, mailed or hand delivered to the Military Service Center after you have registered for classes.  The Veteran's Request form may also be completed by e-mail.  Completed forms may be sent to

  • At the beginning of each semester, you will be asked to provide documentation of the number of months remaining on your education benefit.  A copy from the VA should be attached to your Veteran’s Request Form.  The VA sends this information to you when you receive approval for the benefit, and after every semester in which you are enrolled.  If you do not have this letter, you may log into the VA’s eBenefits website ( and print out the page with this information.

  • If you have changed your major or your degree of study you must complete a Request for Change of Program or Place of Training VA Form 22-1995.  The form may be faxed, mailed or delivered to the MSC or mailed directly to the VA office in Buffalo, NY.

  • Dependent students(Chapter 35) need to fill out Dependents Request for Change of Program or Place of Training VA Form 22-5495.

New Students

Students who have never applied for or used the GI Bill must do the following:

Other items you may need to submit:

  • For GI Bill applicants (Chapter 33, Chapter 30 and Active Duty), you will need to submit a copy of your DD-214, member copy 4, from your discharge.

  • For National Guard/Reserve, you will need to submit a copy of your DD Form 2384-1 (Notice of Basic Eligibility) from your unit.

  • All students may need to submit documents proving participation in any of the following: Army or Navy College Fund, GI Bill Buy-Up (LES), or Kicker (contract).

  • Bank account information to enroll for direct deposit.

Transfer Students

Students who have used the GI Bill at another institution must do the following:

Important Phone Numbers

  • Military Service Center: 419.530.VETS or 419.530.1392
  • Military Service Center Fax: 419.530.1625
  • Monthly Verification of Enrollment: 877.823.2378
  • Buffalo Processing Center: 888.442.4551
  • Direct Deposit/Change of Address: 877.838.2778
  • Veterans Administration Hotline: 800.827.1000
  • Ohio National Guard Scholarship Office: 888.400.6484 or 614.336.7143
Last Updated: 10/25/18