UT-Salford Exchange Program Sample Curriculum - Biology/Biochemistry Tract

Course Information


Salford Course UT Course* Semester Credits
Core Courses:
Molecular Biology and Genetics (F & S) BIOL4010 Molecular Biology
BIOL4110 Human Genetics


Human Physiology I (F)
Human Physiology II (S)
BIOL3070 Human Physiology
BIOL4230 Comparative Animal Physiology                                               BIOL4940 Extramural Studies in Biology-Human Physiology Lab
3                          2
Genomics and Proteomics (F & S) BIOL3010 Molecular Genetics
BIOL3020 Molecular Genetics Lab
Dale Fort Field Trip (S) BIOL4790 Biology Field Trip 3
Fundamentals of Biochemistry I & II (F & S) CHEM3510 Biochemistry I                                                                                      CHEM3520 Biochemistry II                    3                           3
Biochemistry Lab  CHEM3560 Biochemistry Lab 2
Medical Biochemistry (F & S)    

 * All sections are designated as -085 to reflect study at Salford.

All students take the core courses, and then select either a biochemistry or biology option.
Fall (F) and Spring (S) Credits should total at least 15, therefore at least 30 credits for the year abroad.

Last Updated: 8/10/18