Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

The UT Student Chapter of the American Chemical Society

ACS General Meeting 10/23


Sent around attendance sheet and event list 

Since the last general meeting: 

Stadium clean up, had 10 people

More people=faster 

Sent around signup sheet next clean up

November 20th. Tuesday before Thanksgiving break.  


Karina: review sessions

One on Wednesday (today) for Gen Chem 2

One on Monday for Gen Chem 1

Nov 5th Ochem 1 and 2 (need someone to run one of them)

BO 1059 and 1053 

Interested? Reply. Send email to: 


Mallory: Social

Hockey game, November 2nd, meeting in ACS room at 4:30PM

Collecting money ($13)

Cash or check made out Toledo Arena Sports 

BO 3001: drop money off there or give it to an officer. 


Halloween Party- Monday October 29th

Rocky's Attic, all NSM faculty/staff/grad student/etc 

Demos, families and kids, stations, costume contest. 

Need volunteers for food- make something, Halloween themed or anything

Email if you can bring food 

Need help running demos- slime, polymer worms or stations- pin the chair, zombie chair dance 

Money we get from the college depends on how many people show up

We need faculty to show up! Bring the kids! 

We need an iPod amplifier/dock. Email Mallory 


Charlene: Fundraising

Fundraising Week,

Next week: Monday to Thursday, 9AM-3PM. DNA Hallway

Bake sale/t-shirt/study guides/goggles sale.

We have machine that you put into your iPhone so you can swipe credit card.

Get a text/email receipt 

When you work the shift:

Take inventory. Item count and cash count-what you started and ended with. 

Everyone gets a receipt for t-shirts/study guides/goggles. 

Email Charlene about what food you're bringing 


Stadium clean up

November 20th, Tuesday before thanksgiving break 

Smaller game, less people, helps us a lot! 


Buffalo Wild Winds fundraiser,

Tuesday November 13th/27th, waiting to get a confirmation 

Try for both nights 



Bowling Green High School visit 

Signup sheet distributed if you're interested in going. 

Interested students stayed for a bit after to talk about what demos to do


Science Week: Amber

November 14th-16th

Similar to College of Engineering E-week 

Honor young scientist and scientist

Speaking: November 16th at 4pm. BO 1059.

Followed by meeting with the scientist for the ACS students 


Safety race: relay race. Obstacle course with safety gear. Prizes 

Committee: brief meeting right after. 


Caroline: National Conference

We'll be having a meeting for anyone interested in going to the national conference. 

  Has speaker locked in for November 28th, 5:30 pm


Adopt a family:

Waiting to hear from the university about who our family is

Omar will ask office of student involvement 


Student Research Fair: 

November 27th, 6pm 

Director/associate director of research coming and giving presentation

Grants, proposals, how to get advisor, timing 

Get some faculty to give information about specific research 

Stay after meeting for committee 


Amber: Summer Camp

Within the next 4 weeks or so, we’re trying to find high school teachers/high schools interested in the camp. 

Freshmen- if you have connections with teachers/councilor/principle, let us know so we can contact them!


Omar: next semester

If you are interested in holding exec/chair positions, shadowing their positions next semester 

talk to that person about it. 

Last Updated: 6/9/16