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Master of Liberal Studies

The Master of Liberal Studies Program is a multi/interdisciplinary graduate program offered by the University of Toledo. It consists of 33 hours of credit including a 12-hour breadth requirement and a master’s thesis or project.

Faculty serve students in the Master of Liberal Studies Program either as course instructors or as thesis/program advisors, or both. Often students enter the program with uncertain objectives and are enthused to pursue a particular line of inquiry through an exciting experience in an early course.

Students come into the program with all sorts of backgrounds, although they must meet the usual graduate requirements for admission (2.7 or higher undergraduate GPA or adequate score on the GRE, three letters of recommendation). The program director is responsible for admission approval via the Graduate College procedure.

The 12-hour breadth requirement consists of one seminar in each of the following disciplines; a variety of topics are offered in each.

Sample Program of Study
Seminar Title/Discipline: General Course Description (specific descriptions vary by section and instructor; please visit the MLS site for course offerings) Course Code Courses (Hours)
MLS Seminar in the Humanities: Introduction to the concerns and methods of graduate study in the Humanities. This course will demonstrate, through readings from different eras, the interrelated nature of literature, philosophy and history. MLS 6010 1 course
(3 hrs)
MLS Seminar in the Social Sciences: Drawing from major principles and concepts in the social sciences, this course examines issues of the individual and society from a range of disciplinary approaches. MLS 6020 1 course
(3 hrs)
MLS Seminar in the Natural Sciences: This course discusses the major ideas of the natural sciences in terms of their impact upon the human species. MLS 6030 1 course
(3 hrs)
MLS Seminar in the Visual and Performing Arts: An examination of the concept of creativity in the fields of visual art, theater, dance and music. MLS 6040 1 course
(3 hrs)
Electives - students should choose a combination of electives that represent a focused area of interest from the University's offering of graduate level courses. Varies 5-6 courses
(15-18 hours)
MLS Thesis: Permission of the Director required. May be repeated for additional credit. MLS 6990 (3 - 6 hours)
Total Semester Hours Required   33

The MLS Program is a full member of the Association of Graduate Liberal Studies Programs, and faculty members who participate are encouraged to attend that organization’s annual meeting and/or submit papers to its journal Confluence.

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