Technology Transfer

Information for Industry

We welcome your interest in the University of Toledo’s technologies and look forward to the opportunity to work with you.  In support of the University’s mission to improve the human condition by making available the benefits of its discoveries conceived and developed on campus, the University is committed to transferring technology to the commercial sector and employs a team with a proven track record in the protection and transfer of intellectual property to the commercial sector.

Accordingly, the University’s licensing staff works together with its faculty to identify potential commercial opportunities and firms to develop the intellectual property so it will be marketed and ultimately licensed to a company that is in the best position to ensure the invention becomes a commercial product. 

Working Together

Depending on your needs, a number of different arrangements are available.  License agreements, sponsored research agreements, material transfer agreements, and option agreements are some of the mechanisms utilized for transferring rights to the University’s technology. (Available Technologies, Confidentiality Agreement, and Sponsored Research Agreement)

Myths about Industry and University Partnerships 

While technology transfer continues to gain commercial interest and recognition as a valuable resource to the business community, apprehensions are occasionally voiced by potential industry partners that seem to reflect some level of misunderstanding regarding the nature of partnerships between the University and industry.  (Spin-off companies and among the top 10 universities in licensing technology)

Overview of Licensing Policies

The University’s licensing process is designed to transfer commercial benefit to industry while providing a reasonable financial return to the University to recoup research expenditures and provide incentive for continued research.  While most agreements contain simple, standardized components, we are always willing to work with you to provide specific modifications to suit your needs and reach a mutually beneficial agreement.




Last Updated: 4/10/18