Technology Transfer

Nondisclosure Agreement

In an effort to reduce the amount of time required to put a nondisclosure agreement in place, The Ohio Attorney General, Ohio Board of Regents and various Ohio technology transfer officers have developed a template mutual NDA, which was approved by the Ohio Attorney General.  So, if you are looking to approach a company to discuss a research project or share an idea you feel the company may be interested in commercializing, please feel free to forward this link to the company with the following instructions:

  1. Please insert the company’s name and the effective date in the preamble;
  2. Fill in the company’s information for notice purposes in Section 9;
  3. Have an authorized signatory, sign and date the document; and
  4. Return a partially executed PDF to   Please make sure to send the agreement to Mr. Snider because UT employees are not authorized to sign agreements on their own behalf.
Last Updated: 4/10/18