Human Research Protection Program

Institutional Review Boards


Committee Member Name Area of Specialization
Roland Skeel, MD (Chair) Oncology
Ehab A. Eltahawy, MD Cardiovascular Medicine
Douglas Federman, MD Internal Medicine 
Srini Hejeebu, DO Internal Medicine
Kimberly Hunter, PhD Psychiatry 
Sadik Khuder, PhD Biostatistics 
Deepak Malhotra, MD, PhD Nephrology 
Rachel McLuckie, PharmD (Chair Designee) Investigational Drug and Patient Safety
Hany Meawad, MD Pathology
Jolene Miller, MLS Mulford Health Science Library
George Moukarbel, MD Cardiovascular Medicine 
Steven Peseckis, PhD (Vice Chair) Medicinal Chemistry - College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Susan Pocotte, PhD (Vice Chair) College of Nursing - Biochemistry 
Ketki Raina, PhD Occupational Therapy
Colleen Taylor, MSN, RN FNP College of Nursing 
Robert Trumbly, PhD Cancer Biology
David Weldy, MD, PhD Family Medicine
Hillary Snyder, PhD, CIP Biology
Glenn Carlson, MD, MHA, MA Community Member
Jeanette Druschel, RN Community Member
Cathy Shepherd, MEd Community Member
Kandace Williams, PhD Alternate Board Member for Robert Trumbly
Jodi Jameson, MLIS, AHIP Alternate Board Member for Jolene Miller
Eric Betka, PharmD, BCPS Alternate Board Member for Rachel McLuckie


Committee Member Name Area of Specialization
Boyd Koffman, MD, PhD (Chair) Neurology
Thomas Blomquist, MD, PhD (Vice Chair) Pathology
J. Walt Edinger, PhD Medical/Research Ethics 
Marcia Honisko, PharmD Clinical Oncology Pharmacy - Hickman Cancer Center (ProMedica)
Deepak Malhotra, MD, PhD (Chair Designee) Transplant Nephrology
Ruby Nucklos, MD Internal Medicine
Anthony Palmer, MD Pediatric Hematology and Oncology (ProMedica)
Dagmar Stein, MD (Vice Chair) Pediatric Oncology (ProMedica)
Natalie Walkup, MPAS Gynecology/Oncology (ProMedica)
Kimberly Willford, BSN ProMedica Cancer Institute (ProMedica)
Randall Worth, PhD Medical Microbiology and Immunology
Kam Yeung, PhD Cancer Biology
Gary Batts, MBS Community Member
David Linker, AAS Community Member
Cathy Shepherd, MEd Alternate Board Member for Community Members

Social, Behavioral and Educational IRB Members

Committee Member Name Area of Specialization
 J. Walter Edinger, PhD (Chair) Medical/Research Ethics 
Melissa Baltus-Zych, PhD Sociology and Anthropology 
Wesley Bullock, PhD  Psychology
Patricia Case, PhD (Vice Chair) Sociology and Anthropology 
Allyson Day, PhD Disability Studies
Noela Haughton, PhD Education
Nicole Lederer, MEd Mental Health
Kamala London-Newton, PhD  Psychology 
Alexia Metz, PhD Occupational Therapy 
Jason Rose, PhD Psychology
Nilgun Sezginis, MPH, RHIA, CCS (Chair Designee) Health Information Administration
Hillary Snyder, PhD  Biology
Belinda Brooks Community Member 


Last Updated: 3/8/19