Research and Sponsored Programs


Archaeological Research Endowment Fund
Melissa Baltus Zych Social Movement: The Timing and Origin of Transformed Material Identities During the Decline of Cahokia
Biomedical Research Innovation Program
Lirim Shemshedini A Novel Pro-Survival Complex in Prostate Cancer Cells Targeting p53 and sGCa
deArce-Koch Memorial Endowment Fund in Support of Medical Research and Development
Sai HS. Boddu Electrospun Ophthalmic Inserts for Extended Delivery of Bimatroprost in Glaucoma Therapy

Luke Donovan Development of the Biomechanical Ankle Assessment Tool

Welivitya Karunarathne Optical Interrogation of G Protein Subunit Function in Cancer Cell Migration

Travis Taylor Control of Dengue Virus Pathogenesis by TRIM2

Kam Yeung Defining Mechanisms of Metastasis Suppressor RKIP in Breast Cancer Metastasis
Interdisciplinary Research Initiation Award
Kathryn Eisenmann
William Maltese
Frederick Williams
Andrea Kalinowski

Establishing a Zebrafish Xenotransplantation Model for Screening Anti-cancer Compounds at the University of Toledo
Frank Scott Hall
Youssef Sari
Bryan Yamamoto
Kenneth Hensley

Mechanisms of Toxicity in Cathinone Derivatives ("bath salts")
Phase 0 SBIR/STTR Program
Sarit Bhaduri Calcium Phosphate Bone Growth Substitutes
Summer Research Awards and Fellowships
Arts and Humanities
Ammon Allred How to Not do Things With WOrds: Derrida, Celan and Ideal Performity

Allyson Day Developing a Disability Bioethics: Exploring HIV Narrative Production, Circulation and Reception Among AIDS Service Workers

Dan Hernandez Genesis: Breaking the Rules

Gaby Semaan Understanding the Cultural Identify of French Arabs

Ben Stroud Inherited Horrors: A New Untitled Novel

Social Sciences
Kara Bruce Closing Consumer Bankruptcy's Enforcement Gap

Jetsabe Caceres Turning the tide: Twitter and Puerto Rico's 2012 Political Status Referendum

Jami Taylor Public Opinion on Transgender Rights
Last Updated: 12/12/18