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UTUTC-IU-13: Norfolk Southern Airline Yard Intermodal Project

Focus Area: Infrastructure Utilization / Economic Development Projects

Principal Investigator:

Richard S. Martinko, P.E.
Intermodal Transportation Institute
The University of Toledo
MS #218
Phone: 419-530-2541
Fax: 419-530-7246

Project Dates: 01/01/2009 – 06/30/2009--no cost exstension 12/31/2009

Project Year: Year 3

UT-UTC Designation: UTUTC-IU-13


A variety of commercial, industrial, and public sector constituencies in Northwest Ohio have come to realize the economic potential that is likely attributable to the further development of intermodal freight operations within the region.  During 2008, these interests joined together as the Joint Intermodal Task Force for Transportation and Logistics (Task Force) to begin a formal exploration of these possibilities.

The Task Force’s initial report and recommendations were released in an October 2008 study document.  Chief among the report’s findings are the recommendations that the region further explore an expanded role for the existing Norfolk Southern (NS) intermodal facility at Airline Junction in Toledo and that this exploration simultaneously consider how a more active NS intermodal facility might be integrated into broader efforts to redevelop nearby available commercial properties.

As an action item contained within these recommendations, the Task Force called for the estimation of the economic benefits that might be expected under such an initiative.  Accordingly, Task Force members and representatives from NS initiated informal discussions with the University of Tennessee’s Center for Transportation Research (CTR).  CTR faculty and staff have extensive experience in performing precisely the sort of analyses sought by the Task Force.  As a result of these discussions, the University of Toledo’s Intermodal Transportation Institute and University Transportation Center (ITI/UTC) have joined in a project with CRT as the subcontractor to explore the economics of the Airline Junction recommendation.

In conjunction with  work done in the University of Toledo Department of Geography and Planning (UT-UTC project “Freight Flow Description of the Toledo Region”), the resulting information and data will be used to evaluate possible project options.  If the decision is made to pursue this effort, the work done on this project will provide the necessary background material to move the project forward. 

The project is a joint effort of the University of Toledo UTC and the City of Toledo.


UT-UTC Grant Amount             $  5,139  
Match Amount                        $30,660
Total Project Budget               $35,799

Final Report:

 Airline Junction Economic Impact Study  PDF Symbol

Last Updated: 6/9/16