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UTUTC-IU-16: A Data Library Management System for Midwest FreightView and its Data Repository

Focus Area: Infrastructure Utilization

Principal Investigator:

Dr. Peter Lindquist
Associate Professor and Chair
Department of Geography and Planning
The University of Toledo
MS 932
2801 W. Bancroft
Toledo, OH 43606
Phone: (419) 530-4287
Fax: (419) 530-7919

Project Dates: 07/01/2009 to 06/30/2010; no-cost extension to 12/31/2010

Project Year: Year 4

UT-UTC Designation: UTUTC-IU-16


The project proposed in this funding request is a continuation of the development of Midwest FreightView (MWFV), a comprehensive data repository and information delivery system for intermodal freight transportation in the Great Lakes Region. In particular, this project will be devoted to the development of a set of formalized data library functions that include a complete set of user guides, technical manuals, and training modules for using the system, a detailed inventory of the contents of the data repository, and complete documentation of the contents of the repository according to national metadata standards. In addition, the project will include a related set of tasks that include the establishment of formally-defined directory structures for storage of the data, backup and security protocols, and the development of formal procedures for any updates, additions, or edits to the contents of the repository. To date, development efforts of the system have emphasized data collection, development of analytical tools, and customization of the GIS platform. The bulk of this work has been devoted to assembling, reconciling, and integrating diverse data from a wide range of sources into a single comprehensive repository that provides access to millions of records within a wide range of datasets. These efforts cannot effectively continue until a set of rules and procedures are set in place and a sense of continuity in the project is maintained by building an “institutional memory” for the repository and delivery system. Specific outcomes resulting from this project can be summarized as follows:

  • for users to gain the necessary expertise to effectively use the system and to
    familiarize themselves with the contents of the repository;
  • for the project team to have a clearly defined, systematic approach for
    integrating new data into the system, for documenting updates, for maintaining data security, formalizing the directory structure of the repository, and for backing up data within the system to remote platforms;
  • for the project team to identify gaps in the database through the inventory

Byproviding current, detailed data coupled with analytical tools, MWFV contributes to the mission of the UT-UTC by providing a comprehensive resource to transportation analysts, regional stakeholders, public officials, and other interested parties in both the public and private sectors. The MWFV system can provide the tools for evaluating system-wide efficiency by modeling flows through intermodal connectivity. However this resource can be of greater utility to transportation professionals if additional effort is devoted to organizing, documenting, and maintaining the system. The development of this Data Management Library System will thus enable users to take advantage of the strengths of MWFV.


UT-UTC Grant
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Total Project 

$ 46,588 
$ 46,589
$ 93,177
Final Report:

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