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UTUTC-SC-4: Develop a Plan for Cooperative Education in Supply Chain Management at the Undergraduate Level

Focus Area: Support Chains

Principal Investigator:

Mark Vonderembse
Information Operations and Technology Department
College of Business Administration
The University of Toledo

Project Dates: 09/01/2007 – 08/31/2008

Project Year: Year 1

UT-UTC Designation: UTUTC-AE-1


Cooperative education enables undergraduate students to work in the environment that they will face when they graduate. It integrates hands-on business experience with academic training. It provides students with an understanding of how concepts and ideas that are discussed in the classroom are used in the business world. It also provides motivation and a willingness to learn that is difficult to establish without this experience. This project will lay the foundation for developing a cooperative education program for the Supply Chain Management Area of Specialization within the Bachelors of Business Administration at the University of Toledo. The purposes of this effort are to enhance the students’ experiences thereby making them more marketable and to increase enrollment.

It will develop goals and objectives for the program, outline a curriculum, develop an organizational structure that enables students to graduate in a timely manner, and make a recommendation for successful implementation. During this process, the PI will meet with appropriate managers and staff in the College of Engineering at the University of Toledo, where a mandatory cooperative education program exists, as well as other universities that currently have cooperative education programs in Business Administration including the University of Cincinnati and with business organizations to determine their willingness to participate in the program.


UT-UTC Grant 
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Total Project

  $ 5,000
$ 18,144
$ 23,144

Final Report:

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