The University of Toledo University Transportation Center

UTUTC-SC-5: Developing a Certificate Program in Transportation, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management

Focus Area: Supply Chain Management

Principal Investigator:

Mark A. Vonderembse
Information Operations and Technology Management
College of Business Administration
The University of Toledo
Toledo, Ohio 43606
419-530-4319 (office)
419-530-2290 (fax)

Co-Principal Investigators:

Doug Greiner
Applied Organizational Technology
College of Business Administration
The University of Toledo
Toledo, Ohio 43606

Project Dates: 5/5/2008 to 12/31/2008 --Project Discontinued

Project Year: FY 2008

UT-UTC Designation: UTUTC-SC-5


It is essential to train and educate professionals, who are responsible for managing and organizing transportation and logistics services. These services are vital to the success and continuing improvement of the supply chains that connect various industries to consumers both nationally and internationally. The program that is being developed is a nine credit hour certificate program to be offered initially by the University of Toledo and will carry with it college credit. As this program succeeds, it may be offered by other universities. The program will focus on basic concepts in managing and operating transportation and logistic systems such as dispatching, inventory, and scheduling. The efforts to develop the curriculum will be guided by private sector shippers and carriers as well as companies who support these carriers such as firms who provide insurance or equipment. This program is targeted at people who are currently working in transportation and logistics who are interested in furthering their education but are not prepared to begin a two-year or four-year degree program. The program will be offered in a distance learning format, so employees from around the region can continue working while making progress towards a management career in transportation and logistics. Because these courses are offered for college credit, they could become part of a plan to achieve an Associate Degree and eventually a Bachelors Degree in the field.

UT-UTC Grant 
Match Amount           
Total Project 
$ 10,000
$ 18,289
$ 28,289
Last Updated: 6/9/16