The Writing Center

Writing Across the Curriculum Resources

As the core of the Writing Across the Curriculum Program, the Writing Center also provides the necessary resources which enable faculty to use writing as a means of learning in their content areas. Below are a variety of web resources.

General Materials

Walk-Through” Mini-Research Project:

Research Guide to the Major:

Informal, In-Class Writing Activities:

Resources for Science Papers

How to Keep a Chem Lab Notebook from Dartmouth:

A Sample Notebook Write Up from Dartmouth:

Resources for Humanities Papers

Writing about Poetry:

Writing about Fiction:

Writing about Literature:

Writing Definitions:

Resources for Social Sciences Papers

Consumer Products and Gender Performances:

Writing in Psychology: Experimental Report Writing:

Resources for Special Writers and Other Tasks

Resources for Journalism and Journalistic Writing:

Resources for Medical Writing:

for Writing Process, Prewriting, and Revision

Resources for Prewriting (Invention):

Suggestions for Coping with Writer’s Block/Writer’s Anxiety:

Getting Started: Creating a Thesis Statement:

A Fish Thinking about Water (Looking at Paradigms in Various Disciplines):







Last Updated: 3/22/15