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Writing According to Academic Discipline

Every academic discipline has its own expectations for written work; the resources below will provide guidance for writing in your specific discipline. Please consult a Writing Center Tutor for additional questions regarding successful and effective communication that meets the expectations of your academic program. 

Resources for Science Papers

How to Keep a Chem Lab Notebook from Dartmouth:

A Sample Notebook Write Up from Dartmouth:

Resources for Humanities Papers

Writing about Poetry:

Writing about Fiction:

Writing about Literature:

Writing Definitions:

Resources for Social Sciences Papers

Consumer Products and Gender Performances:

Writing in Psychology: Experimental Report Writing:

Resources for Special Writers and Other Tasks

Resources for Journalism and Journalistic Writing:

Resources for Medical Writing:

for Writing Process, Prewriting, and Revision

Resources for Prewriting (Invention):

Suggestions for Coping with Writer’s Block/Writer’s Anxiety:

Getting Started: Creating a Thesis Statement:

A Fish Thinking about Water (Looking at Paradigms in Various Disciplines):


Last Updated: 6/11/15