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Innovating Education

UToledo is Training Specialized Graduates for Diverse Fields

UToledo graduates are in demand because of their specialized training in unique programs that position them for success from day one.

UToledo is the only university in the U.S. to offer an undergraduate program in cosmetic science and formulation design. Gabriella Baki, Ph.D., wrote the book on the subject. Baki is director of the cross-disciplinary program in the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences that prepares in-demand graduates who have specialized in the science, art and business of cosmetics. Alumni succeed in formulation and chemistry careers, but also in cosmetics marketing, testing and regulation roles around the world.

The nation's only degree program that prepares individuals to coordinate and oversee the organ donation and transplantation process is in UToledo's College of Medicine and Life Sciences. The master's degree in human donation science prepares graduates for the important and complex role of organ and tissue donation transplant coordinators.

UToledo launched a first-of-its-kind bachelor's degree in disability studies in 2015. The program in the College of Arts and Letters is expanding the understanding of disability as a sociocultural phenomenon rather than simply as a medically defined condition. Graduates are prepared for diverse careers in social service, education, advocacy, government policy, healthcare administration and human resource management by expert faculty, including Kim Nielsen, Ph.D., the editor of The Oxford Handbook of Disability History.

With large-scale data breaches and complex hacking schemes making regular headlines, the need for trained, strategic professionals has never been greater. UToledo's two new graduate programs in cyber security in the College of Engineering, tailored around student skills and industry demands, are preparing the next generation of experts to protect vital information, investigate security lapses and navigate shifting technology laws and regulations.

UToledo is a pioneer in making doctoral degrees more accessible to hard-working, full-time professionals and created Ohio's first online Ph.D. program. The rigorous program in the Judith Herb College of Education for students specializing in early childhood special education was the first to be offered online by any public or private university in the state.

UToledo's doctorate in occupational therapy is a recognized leader in the profession and one of the first accredited programs of its kind in the nation. U.S. News and World Report ranks UToledo among the top 25% of programs in the country. The doctorate program in the College of Health and Human Services offers collaborative learning opportunities, including a study that earned national attention that proved children benefit from playing with fewer toys.

Students in UToledo's art and art history programs have direct access to works in the world-renowned Toledo Museum of Art and curate public exhibits of timeless works of art. Taking advantage of the comprehensive offerings at UToledo, the programs' multidisciplinary Biodesign Challenge brings art, engineering and science students together to develop innovative solutions to urgent concerns like Lake Erie algae blooms and the collapse of bee colonies.

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