Exhibits in the Art Gallery

On the wall (left to right)

Davis, Debra A. (Department of Art). "Traveling Notations." Inkjet prints, 2010.


Bork, Dustyn. (Department of Art). (No title)


Orloff, Deborah. (Department of Art). "Holzwege 17." Chromogenic print, 2009.


On partition (left to right)

Burns, Seder.  (Department of Art). “Cotton Candy at the County Fair.”  Archival ink jet print, 2008. 


Rodriguez, Arturo.  (Department of Art).  “Stoplight.” Mixed media, 2009.


Miner, Barbara W. F. (Department of Art). “How I Think.” Mixed media, 2010.


Burns, Seder.  (Department of Art). “Jubilee on Main Street.”  Archival ink jet print, 2008.


On pedestal (clockwise from left)

Roderick-Lingeman, Karen.  (Department of Art). "Sulphur." Ceramic, 2009.


Fogt, Rex.  (Department of Art). “Uplift.” Porcelain, 2010.


            “Wrap Around.” Porcelain, 2010.


On Wall near doors to elevators (left to right)


Dedas, Brent.  (Department of Art). "Fragment 101 (Intentions)." Mixed media on paper and digital image to pigment print, 2009.


Ames-Bell, Linda.  (Department of Art). “Untitled.” Oil, 2009-2010.


Burnett, Christopher.  (Department of Art). "Ghost Texts: My Mother’s Garden Nos. 1 & 2." Pigmented ink jet prints‚ 2010.


Orloff, Deborah. (Department of Art). "Holzwege 20." Chromogenic print, 2009.


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Photography: Mark Walker