About the GR&T Website  

Description and Background

The Gypsies (Romanies) and Travelers website was created shortly following the original exhibition on Roma culture at the William S. Carlson Library at the University of Toledo in 2005. Since then, it has also served as a resource for the Geography of Gypsies (Romanies) and Travelers course.        


Contact Information

Dr. David J. Nemeth, Professor of Geography

Phone: 419.530.4049

Email: david.nemeth@utoledo.edu

Arjun Sabharwal, Professor, Digital Initiatives Librarian

Phone: 419.530.4497

Email: arjun.sabharwal@utoledo.edu

Additional credits:

Catherine Kelly-Lopez (original DX website)

Alice Crosetto, Wade Lee, and Jim Nemeth (original curators and consultants)

Christine Rigda (project coordinator); and

Arjun Sabharwal (site manager and curator, 2009-Present, Second Website)

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