Life Support Training

Heartcode Complete PALS

Date: Self paced  •  Time: Self paced
Location: Following completion of the online course, BLS skills may be completed at any of the BLS Skill carts located on the UT campus.

This site is used by UT managers/schedulers to register their staff to complete their PALS recertification by using the Heartcode Complete format. This is a self-paced format of completing the AHA PALS certification.

UTMC employees, residents, and other hospital staff that are either recertifying their PALS or have had PALS in the past and it has expired. This is NOT recommended for a person taking PALS for the first time!

Prior PALS certification

Must complete the online PALS component and then go to one of the Skill carts to complete BLS skills.

No student materials are needed.

Last Updated: 2/28/17