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Unwrapping the Biomass

Grass, trees, corn and cornstalks. They are all biomass and are all made up of lignin, cellulose, and hemicellulose, commonly called lignocellulose, of which the major components are sugars. Many algae also are high in sugar and can be used as a biomass source. If those sugars can be released, they can be converted into various other components, including fuel and chemicals. But those sugars are locked up tight, say Connie Schall, Sasidhar Varanasi and Sridhar Viamajala.

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A Few Good Women

French literature, film, feminism, women’s studies—connections. Ruth Hottell is constantly on the lookout for connections between French literature and other topics. But as a student of French culture, she has gravitated to film. “There is no better way of showing culture than by film. The images are there,” she remarks.
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Predicting Violence

“Domestic violence is the most prevalent crime that police come in contact with and is the number one source of violent crime against women and children,” says Richard Johnson, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice. In one year 1.3 million women in the U.S. are physically assaulted by a spouse or intimate partner . . .
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Who's in Your Neighborhood?

Where do members of different ethnic and racial groups choose to settle and where do they buy land and houses when they become mobile and middle class? Is upward mobility inevitably linked to ethnic and racial discord and conflict? Although he started out looking at immigration, Todd Michney began studying black neighborhoods . . .
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