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X-ray Vision
UT astronomer part of NASA team that discovered two stars with massive winds shoot cosmic rays at nearly the speed of light.
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UT has identified areas of research excellence in which highly accomplished faculty members are recognized nationally for their contributions to the fields of: Astronomy and Astrophysics; Solar Energy, Water Quality and Sustainable Technologies; and Cell Architecture and Dynamics.

The identification of these areas of research excellence and a plan to advance them is part of the University’s strategic plan. As part of the process to identify existing strong research programs, the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs also recognized spotlight areas of unique distinction, areas of emerging research excellence, and areas of future opportunity. UT will continually consider new areas and update existing areas of excellence.

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1. Recognized Areas of Research Excellence

  • Astronomy and Astrophysics

  • Solar Energy, Water Quality and Sustainable Technologies

  • Cell Architecture and Dynamics
2. Spotlight areas of Unique Distinction

  • Human Trafficking

  • Disability and Society

  • Hypertension and Precision Medicine
3. Areas of Emerging Research Excellence

  • Legacy Cities

  • Cancer, Immune Therapy and Precision Molecular Therapy
4. Areas of Future Opportunity

  • Vector Biology

  • Smart Transportation

  • Data 2 Decision

  • BioPsychoSocial Determinants of Chronic Disease

  • Community-Based STEAM

Moving Research Forward

Research News
Photo of Dr. Ngalula Mubenga

UT Engineer Creates Solution to Cheaper, Longer Lasting Battery Packs

An electrical engineer at The University of Toledo has developed a new energy storage solution to make battery packs last longer and cost less.
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Artist rendering of Zeta Puppis.

UT researcher makes discovery about massive stars

For the first time, astronomers have mapped the surface of a massive hot star, proving a decades-long theory that hot spots on the star’s surface affect the behavior of stellar winds.
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Photo of Nicole King holding a grass carp.

UT Researcher Discovers First Grass Carp Eggs in Maumee River

A researcher at The University of Toledo found the first proof of grass carp, a type of invasive Asian carp, spawning in the Maumee River. Nicole King, aquatic ecology research …
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Protecting the Great Lakes and drinking water

With $12.5 million in active grants underway, UT is studying algal blooms, invasive species such as Asian carp, and pollutants, and looking for pathways to restore our greatest natural resource for future generations to ensure our communities continue to have access to safe drinking water.

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Research at The University of Toledo

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs advocates in support of scholarship, creative activity, and research to all faculty, in full understanding that the needs to achieve success vary across disciplines.

Infographic of the complexity of Research projects.
Last Updated: 7/12/18