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Welcome guest students!

Guest Students

We welcome guest students at the University of Toledo.

Are you earning a degree at another college or university and would like to take a semester of coursework at UToledo? You can enroll for one term as an undergraduate guest student.

Only your home institution can determine which UToledo courses will transfer back to your degree program. It is your responsibility to work with your academic advisor or program director when choosing courses. We recommend that you obtain a written document from your home school outlining which UToledo courses are approved.


  1. Consult your home institution academic advisor. It is essential that you receive approval to take any course as a guest. You and your advisor must review UToledo courses from our undergraduate course catalog and know the exact courses for transfer.
    Important Note: Courses offered directly via our John B. & Lillian E. Neff College of Business & Innovation and College of Engineering have limited to no availability to guest students. Contact the specific academic department for details.
  2. Know the specific prefix, number and title of each course you wish to take. You'll find that information in our undergraduate course catalog. Examples: ENGL 1130 composition II, MATH 1850 single variable calculus.
  3. Verify that you have met all UToledo requirements to take each course. See the undergraduate course catalog to review requirements.
  4. Review our class schedule to be sure the class(es) are offered in the term in which you want to enroll and that they have space available.


  1. Submit the online application with a $40 non-refundable fee. Choose the option for non-degree guest students.
  2. Upload proof of good academic standing at your current institution. One of the following will serve as proof of good academic standing:
    • An official or unofficial, current transcript verifying a GPA of 2.0 or higher. This is the preferred documentation.
    • A letter attesting to your academic standing with the signature of a dean, department chairperson or registrar. NOTE: To register for courses with prerequisites, guest students must provide transcripts or grade cards to verify they have completed the necessary prior coursework.


  1. You will be notified by email of your acceptance and next steps for registration.
  2. Set up your myUT account. Your Rocket number and directions to set up your portal access will be included in your admission email. You will access all UToledo information through your myUT account.
  3. Verify you have met UToledo prerequisites. Use your Rocket email to share details with the Transfer Admission team:
    • List your Rocket number (Example: R00000000)
    • List the specific prefix, number and title of each course you wish to take. Examples: ENGL 1130 composition II, MATH 1850 single variable calculus
    • List course prefixes, numbers and names from your home institution which meet UToledo requirements. List the term in which you took each of them.
  4. Register for classes. Go to myUT → Student tab → Toolkit Section → My Registration.

Make sure you know when registration begins and ends for each term. Depending on the date of your registration, you may need to pay your tuition and fees immediately.


Contact UToledo Adult and Transfer Admissions.

Call 419.530.8888 or 800.586.5336. Ask for the Adult and Transfer Admission office.
Visit 1100 Rocket Hall. Please make an appointment.

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Last Updated: 10/6/22